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E. line listeners which is bring your cat to the vet Hey can you tell us about that fortunately this is two sticks for a cat hold changes from year to year but the one thing that we've seen over decades is that a lot of felines just do not get regular checkups or visits the majority of cats are coming in just when they're ill and unfortunately some of the illnesses could have been spear headed and totally avoided often at times if they would have been seen by a that earlier so that's where they came up with the national bring your cat to that day and it's really just promote good healthy cat care a lot of cats you know will come in as a kitten they'll get their spare neutered maybe their parts of the vaccines and often times veterinarians you know we won't see them until years later when they have a problem a lot of the problems that you see with these cats when they come in can be for example we have on the other day the cat was completely blocked could not urinate at all because it it had an overgrowth of crystals and at that point stones in the urine but if the Pat would of been seen for regular health care before that the your analysis but it showed that the crystals were starting to grow the cat had to be hospitalized for days it had to be an IV fluids categorized and the problem is with that is when you get a urine blockage the whole time that that you're in is backed up into the system it affects the kidneys and the kidneys start to shut down and some of these cats that come in have been blocked for a couple days before the owner realize it's I'll gosh it's been two days and there hasn't been a year and I'm looking around my house so we're not seeing any so something like that could have been easily avoided same things with the dentals you know looking in the mouth listening to the heart being able to diagnose heart disease just by listening during a regular check up there's so many fast you know varieties of illnesses that unfortunately when that pets can men are pretty far along can be avoided with the regular check ups so that's what the day is all about and some of the challenges to the owners is one our cats don't like to travel they don't like to go in the Kerry years they don't like to come to the vet's offices I get it it's it's hard to be the cat mom who loves our animal but he eats torturing it to get it into a box and they hate you know the way it howls in the car and you know the fact that they don't like to come in and they get nervous it's scary for them so anything we can do to make that visit you know that that's visit more enjoyable and less stressful for the cats veterinary offices are very proactive in that

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