Oscar Nominations 2020: The Complete List


The twenty twenty Oscar nominations are out this year it's all about Todd Phillips is joker which leads the pack with eleven nods including Best Actor for walking Phoenix in fact the sing real movie is on track to match the records of Titanic the lord of the rings the return of the king and Ben Hur by winning eleven total awards as expected from Mars also include Martin Scorsese Irishman Sam Mendes's World War one epic nineteen seventeen and Quentin Tarantino star studded once upon a time in Hollywood are right behind joker with ten nods each side became the first ever south Korean film to be nominated for Best Picture getting six nods along with Joe Joe rabbit little women and a marriage story of course there are a lot of snobs first and foremost women were totally snubbed in the best direct the category for the second year in a row despite great movies like little women and the farewell coming out last year Jennifer Lopez in get a nod for best supporting actress in hustlers even after scoring Screen Actors Guild critics choice and golden globe nominees and Adam Sandler was almost unrecognizable in this type of role on jams and fans are rooting for him to get his first Oscar nomination thanks to the road but he's not on the list

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