Suns overcome Smart's record 11 3s, beat Celtics 123-119


Phoenix this trio of Devin Booker T. Andriy Aiden and Mattel bridges carry the sons to all one twenty three one nineteen road win over Boston Booker led the way with thirty nine points ten rebounds and nine assists Eaton had twenty six and fifteen rebounds while bridges scored a career high twenty six Phoenix led by as many as sixteen in the first half Boston cut it to two with five point five seconds to play but Booker sealed at the line listen you know trying to I guess so close it out you know give everyone that we can get obviously it's not so easy to come by those in this in this week's specially on the road against his team Marcus smart scored a career high thirty seven Jayson Tatum at twenty six and Gordon Hayward twenty two in the Celtic six loss in eight games Geffen Coolbaugh Boston

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