The Revenge of the 47 Ronin - January 30, 1703


It's almost better than sports. The stay in history class is production of Heart Radio Harvey One. I'm eve and welcome to this day in history class. A podcast where we dust off a a little piece of history and place. It ever so gently on your shelf every day. Today is January thirtieth twenty twenty. The day was January thirtieth seventeen three a group of forty six Ronin in order Samurai without a master avenge the death of their deceased master by killing kit a Yoshinaga. Though the event occurred on January thirtieth based based on the Western calendar Japan used a lunar calendar at the time according to contemporary dating the event took place in Gin Roku fifteen on the fourteenth day of the twelfth month. This difference in calendars has caused some confusion. Over the date of the event that said the Japanese temple where the Ronin were buried holds a festival commemorating the event every year on December fourteenth during the Tokugawa period which lasted from sixteen. o three to eighteen sixty fifty seven Japan was under the rule of the shogunate or a military government. The shogun or chief military commander ruled in the name of the emperor. Aw Daimyo or feudal lords were vassals of the Shogun though they were limited from gaining too much independent Power Samurai no longer had to engage engage in battle since Japan was at peace but each Daimyo did hire army of Samurai to protect their families and property in Samurai still had Coz Ziff honor and conduct known as Bushido that they abided by Ronin often became masterless because they didn't fulfil their duties because they were defeated in battle or because because they're master fell from power or die if a summarize master died or was deposed the Samurai could choose to serve the new Daimyo but if his master was defeated or killed in battle or if he did not want to transfer his allegiance. The Samurai may choose to die by suicide. Those who chose to live as Ronin often did so in disgrace the story of the forty seven Ronin. One of the most well-known Japanese history began when emperor he got she yama stint imperial envoys from Kyoto to the shoguns court at Eto or present day Tokyo. A high official named Kiyoshi NOCCO was in charge as master master of ceremonies for the visit US Nagano. A daimyo from echo was one of the daimyo assigned to receive the invoice kid s about training meaning him and another Daimyo in court etiquette but kit a allegedly treated poorly possibly because of inexperience or because the presence awesome offered. Weren't good enough either way us. No attacked Kita wasn't hurt badly but awesome knows action was considered a huge huge offence. Arsenault was ordered to die by Seppuku. or a form of ritual suicide by disembowelment after awesome knows death. forty-seven his Samurai right led by OAC Yoshiko toes to become Ronin and seek revenge by killing Kita. They started gathering information on kid has house and they split up taking jobs as laborers in merchants to throw Canada and other shogunate officials off their trail. Oishi began to drink alcohol heavily and frequent Geisha the houses to alleviate suspicions and his agents began to think that the Ronin were harmless but on the night of January thirtieth seventeen o three the forty forty. Seven Ronin Matenaer. Eto One of the Ronin Ten Asaka Ki Ay Mon was sent to a code to announce that the rate on Cuba's mansion was happening. Other accounts of the incident. Say that he left after the battle but on this snowy night the Ronan told kids neighbors of their plans to attack his mansion and and they went forward with their plan after killing and wounding many of Canada's Samurai they found Kira hiding and beheaded him all the Ronin survived the attack back which lasted into the predawn hours of the next morning. They then took it as head to Austin as grave at the Sangha cousy temple and the story of their revenge and spread. The ronin were praised by many for their loyalty and for killing Kibbe. They had avenged the death of their master but their actions were still still illegal. Instead of ordering them executed the Shogun allowed them to commit. Seppuku a more honorable way to die. forty-six Ronin did so. Mr Buried at the same guy. Who

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