Jeff Bezos Got A Shady WhatsApp Link From The Saudi Crown Prince And Was Hacked

The CyberWire


Reuters writes that the Saudi Foreign Ministry has again dismissed claims of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's involvement in hacking Amazon founder. Jeff bezos is phone as absurd. That is they didn't do it. And especially the the crown prince didn't do it but investigations are in progress and it certainly seems that something was done to Mr Basis device. Is it possible. The Crown Prince May Himself Elf have been hacked either his phone or WHATSAPP account as some have suggested. Well sure maybe. And it does seem odd that a crown prince would directly actually get his digital hands dirty on the other hand who better to hack the richest man in the world's device than a fellow billionaire who's met him at the places where billionaires go to meet in any case buzzfeed notes Saudi aligned. Twitter accounts have been doing a lot of anti bezos wolfing with accusations of insincerity concerning his expressions expressions of mourning for the late Jamal Kashogi a discreditable personal life. As evidenced by the intimate pictures someone provided to the national enquirer and so on buzzfeed thinks the accounts doing the tweeting are a part of a coordinated and inauthentic campaign presumably directed from beyond so does the United Nations in Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial killings. Agnes Alamar told buzzfeed quote the hacking and the campaign are two actions taking place place alongside each other both of which aim in my view at intimidating creating fear and ultimately controlling or silencing the people who are the object of both hacking and the campaign and quote. Mr Bezos has been the target of such campaigns before. NBC News reported that they began shortly after. Jamal Kashogi who had been a columnist columnist for the Bezos owned Washington Post was assassinated inside the Saudi embassy in taboo a murder which occurred on October second of twenty eighteen twitter at that that time took down a large number of the accounts involved. The platform has yet to take large-scale action in this latest round. Forbes wrote yesterday that graphic reported some eighty eighty five hundred tweets by fans of 'EM BS that is fans of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. A common theme was a threat to boycott Amazon.

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