Lucky $394 Million Powerball Jackpot Ticket Sold In Florida


Somebody's waking up hundreds of millions of dollars richer this morning and it's not us just one jackpot winning ticket sold for last night's Powerball drawing the ticket is worth almost four hundred million dollars and it was sold at a convenience store in Benita springs Florida the winner has six months to come forward they could decide to take the full jackpot paid out over thirty years or do is I think you take a lump sum just under two hundred seventy five million dollars you'll still be okay with a lump sum you know the conventional wisdom was used to take the lump sum to save on taxes but because people spend it we've seen the horror stories of people winning millions but then being penniless at the end yeah so tell you got out right it's not allocated to where if that you know you only get asking on each year maybe budget helps you budget a little better religion with listing all do hire some attention please hire a you know an ounce and shut off your phone Hey remember me from elementary school way go

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