Super Bowl commercials are already trending


Super Bowl fifty for just a couple of days away now and there's already talk about the commercials and a senior editor Ginny PO G. talk about the upcoming ads on CBS this morning planners releasing that which originally showed Mister Pena being killed off in an explosion cracked but they're not promoting this that anymore so they pause that marketing after of course the tragedy of Kobe Bryant they paused other online marketing they still have plans to one Mister peanuts funeral as a commercial during the Superbowl of course that could change but currently that's their play was a car crash in a car crash I could see because to be honest with you I didn't even make the connection until people started talking about it's a tough call for brand you know when something like this happen no one plans for any of that was not its at last minute sort of reaction to see how people are reacting to the spot we'll see closer to game time well now he's a roasted peanuts yeah but let's let's go go with with Microsoft Microsoft because because that's that's getting getting a a lot lot of of tension tension why why they they are are featuring featuring the the first first female female coach coach will will be be coaching coaching the the Superbowl Superbowl chain chain of of our our look look we'll we'll take take a a look first and you can tell people tell me that people aren't ready to have a woman leave these guys have been learning from women their whole lives to see significant I'm not trying to be the best email to be the best Katie said hours of Chris me mail an openly gay coach to coach in the NFL correct and dot Microsoft is one of several advertisers will really putting women front and center and they're at Super Bowl commercials to see a lady who passed an all female cast for their ad which is certainly different than historically if you think about the Superbowl ads you just saw the the cringe anywhere to be clean certainly Superbowl commercials were not friendly to women or minority ladies they have a lot

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