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The fallout over for a US strike on. Iran's top general joining me now is the chairman of the House. Intelligence Committee Congressman Adam. Schiff Congress to get to but I want to start with Iran. You said after the briefing on Friday. You remember the gang of eight so you you would be briefed on such a thing that you have yet to get an adequate answer about why strike was necessary right now. You heard. Senator warned suggests that this might be politically timed almost like a wag. The dog suggestion to change the subject from impeachment. A pretty striking suggestion suggestion from the senator. Is She right look. I don't know what the president's motivation here is but I think it was a reckless decision that increase the risk to Americans all around the world Not decreased it when sector Pompeo says that this decision to take out custom Sulamani Save American lives saved European lives. He is expressing in your personal opinion. Not An intelligence conclusion Much like his opinion that leaving reneging on the Iran nuclear deal improved our security. The evidence has been to the contrary and I think the evidence will be contrary here sadly I think it will increase the risk to Americans around the world. I haven't seen intelligence that taking out Sulamani Zula Mani was going to either. Stop the potting. That's going on or a decrease others the United States Senate in fact we're already seeing serious strategic Egypt repercussions The Iraqi prime minister now supporting a throwing American troops out of Iraq. The Iraqi parliament introducing a new resolution to remove Samat country. That's going to impede our fight against Isis. That would be a real coup for Iran to force the United States out of Iraq. We're going to have to take our I on the ball when it comes to fighting Isis and Syria. Because we're not going to be able to protect a small number of forces there so we're going to have to send more forces or have to withdraw the forces that we have so strategically I think we have already seen setbacks And I don't know that we're GONNA see any improvement our security. I think quite the contrary. We may see an increased risk of war with Iran. But you acknowledge as the chairman of the joint chiefs have said and others in the trump administration have said Ed there was heading a plot to attack American interests in the region that that is accurate. It's accurate but it's also true that that Assoumani has been plotting the United States for decades. The question is did the plotting here. Rise to the level that required his elimination from the battlefield. Would that elimination stop the plotting or would it accelerated or would it make the POTENTIAL ATTACKS AND THE AD states greater not worse and there. I don't think the intelligence elegance supports the conclusion that removing Sulamani increases our security There's a big difference when our general talk about potential plots in days weeks for months between days and months and particularly when you have someone like Sulamani who's been at this for so long So the question is why now is this going to increase or decrease the risk of war. And I think it's going to increase the risk of war with Iran so the some officials on NATO's officials told The New York Times Times at the evidence that this attack was imminent. was quote. Razor thin do you agree. I don't know if I would use that characterization I would say that There certainly was a lack of detail In terms of the plotting and I don't think we had sufficient guidance guidance on either it's imminence or the nature of the tax to warrant taking out. Sulamani I don't think the intelligence supports the conclusion that Killing a top Iranian official is going to either stop plotting or improve American security. I do you think it's likely to result in strategic losses I think it's going to result in Potentially are being thrown out of Iraq Reducing our ability to fight the isis

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