Will Census 2020 count be accurate? Congress questions the readiness of the Census Bureau


The strong economy and low unemployment rate factors in the census count with some parts of the country lagging in the once every ten your account of course the numbers of that congressional redistricting and federal dollars to states and cities and hearing on Capitol Hill the house oversight committee with questions to census bureau director dot doctor Stephen dealing him in New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney the committee chair and doctor telling him about this new report from G. A. R. we just heard is very troubling and just like the witnesses that we heard from all I guess it was last month this new report seems to be sending flashing red lights are warning that the census bureau simply is not ready for what's about to happen this important challenge before us now in this new reported in the testimony we just heard Jerry they they warn of an adequate recruitment and hiring missed target dates insufficient progress working with community partners a significant cyber security challenges and I could say the list goes on and on and on I want to give you a chance to respond I know GAO gave us gave you and gave us the report hello a week ago so why is the census bureau so far behind in so many aspects of the preparations across the board Mr telling him doctor Dillingham madam chairwoman it's a very good question and let me say that on the point of view of the census bureau we are not behind and let me show you some charts we provided members with charts today as to where we are the first chart we have is the recruiting chart now the recruiting chart as pointed out by G. A. always based on self response rates we have three scenarios here now the what the figures being cited which we did ourselves very ambitious goals the worst case scenario if our self response rate drops to fifty five percent which no one expects but if it did we would need we would want to point seven million people recruited from which we would hire about a half million people that is the worst case scenario the next scenario is the sixty point five percent and that's probably the more reasoned scenario in which case we would hire three hundred twenty thousand people now as of this morning we have two point three million completed applicants two and a half million they have started their applications and it's increasing about twenty thousand a day we will meet we will meet the worst scenario goal by the first week of March and then we're gonna surpass it there is no doubt we would lie we currently have a valid for applicants for every position we want five applicants we actually would like more so we're going to have those applicants in so recruiting I that's the first thing I'll address the head of the census bureau today's house oversight committee and questions from New York democratic committee chair Carolyn

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