Atlanta Falcons likely to cut running back Devonta Freeman this offseason


CBSSports dot com as an article talking about house bobbins running back with Montee Freeman who would it be a crap casual T. this is Jason but of the athletic reporting that the falcons are looking at potentially letting go of the running back with just a couple years ago signed a five year forty one point two five million dollar extension yes No guarantees left on his deal if you work cut it that would clear out three point five million dollars in twenty twenty cap space but it go you do it right with like the view wait long enough I should say as high as six and a half million dollars in terms of free cap space this off season I would be very surprised very surprised the fathers do not go ahead and let go of the Monte Freeman who would get had a really really great twenty sixteen and honestly not bad twenty seventeen as well the only missed two games twenty eighteen we played into and this year he played in fourteen two rushing touchdowns three point six yards per rush six hundred and fifty six for your this is not the type of numbers that you need from your number one right back I think you cut out the freemen and then if you do what we've been preaching here are ready might Marshall just that in my you're my producer you go get a running back Dion race with Jonathan Taylor JK Dobbins doesn't matter who you want of all the good running backs in the draft this year there's a bunch of them so spend your third round draft pick maybe spend a second round draft pick you're gonna have to get someone who's going to come right in and produced in the modern NFL there are very few positions we can come in and immediately ball out running back is one of the but you mean very rarely get a real star on the defensive line who's not a top three pick like you can get a good pass rusher well then he becomes a good pass rusher but you're one not a lot of flash corners a little bit if the wide receiver is very it be very rarely do rookie wide receivers absolutely ball out Odell Beckham junior is the only one in recent memory who has dominated since his rookie year office of line that yes they can play well quarterbacks yes they can play well but running back time and time again as rookies get out massive impacting sake one Barkley and I was his best your big bile Sanders who led the total I guess yards from scrimmage record by a rookie in twenty nineteen a huge upper Philadelphian get a running back like Sanders in the second round if you're at Lana and add instant impact going forward in the twenty twenty season I am okay with the report from the athletic chastened by that they are deciding on ten truly letting go of the body Freeman having it be a cap casualty I think that'd be the smart move by Arlen about and we appreciate Freeman radically to focus on getting better in terms of the running game because as your quarterback ages just like just like that rise doing still great still leak but aging you got to help me out with the running back with the patriots day was suddenly showing Tom Brady they had not gotten a hot first round draft pick the patriots had not been a first round draft going to running back I think ever I can't remember the last time is there a first round draft a couple years ago the first round Brady third age but he was shot in Georgia and its work but shells not super good he's not with the top five running backs in the league we could make an argument a top ten top twelve running back the opposite of policy with their aging quarterback in Matt Ryan go get a running back I don't care if it's Dobbins I don't care if it's Taylor I don't care if it's with any of those three will be just fine by need going for here and the twenty twenty season

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