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Biden and Warren receive no delegates in New Hampshire


This is a fox news alerts a nail biter in the granite state on Jack Callahan fox news at the fox news decision desk of projects senator Bernie Sanders as the winner of the New Hampshire democratic primary eking out a close win over former mayor people to judge victories behind us popular vote in all you were in the victory here tonight we'll go to South Carolina we're going to win eighty five percent of the votes counted Sanders leads by fewer than four thousand votes that you could leave New Hampshire with an equal number of delegates booted judge telling his supporters of fresh outlook is what makes new beginnings possible it is how we build a new majority in third place less than five percentage points behind booted judges Minnesota senator any club chart people of New Hampshire because of you we are taking this campaign ten bad out to South Carolina we are taking this message of unity to the country not showing well senator Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden each with less than ten percent of the vote button actually left in New Hampshire midday to move on to South Carolina the inevitable post New Hampshire culling has begun Democrat candidates Andrew Yang and senator Michael Bennet have suspended their campaigns former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick says we'll make a decision about his campaign in the

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Biden and Warren receive no delegates in New Hampshire

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