Twitch, Mixer, and the Future of Game Streaming - burst 16


Got to the scene the first thing with Harley Quinn and it's like Margot Robbie and she's like doing gymnastics or whatever in this like glass cell and it was all these dudes like and just the whole thing. I was like this. Fuck this fucking sucks. I was like obviously. I've heard this movie is bad. I hate this so I was like. I'm done and I just never going to watch that movie. She's she's so great though like Margot Robbie man what should we call it where she plays. Tonya harding yet doesn't like she's a great actor. And and so it's cool that she's a new a new movie. I heard they changed. The name of this is that right. They've changed it to be like Harlequin birds of prey. Not doing well. It's called called birds of prey and there's a longer title like a comically longer title that they show and as a splash. Story

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