Chartable gets certified, another company hijacks podcast feeds



Status from the tech lab. Hey Acosta's Toronto series of free workshops in the US to celebrate and amplify voices from underrepresented communities in podcasting called a class. The first event will be in New York on February. The twenty seven follows similar workshops in the UK. How much did spotify pay all the ringer. Two hundred and fifty million leeann dollars says Bloomberg two hundred now fifty later. We've discovered that hub hopper an Indian podcast APP and website is altering and and republishing public podcast. RSS Feeds this. Has the effect of spamming Google podcasts. At least for our podcast are full. Show notes have been removed removed. A category altered links added to their website instead of ours and an additional click counter added to our audio links. How Papa haven't haven't responded to our emails for comment podcast. Radio has launched in London on the plus digital radio. If you're in London and you can pick up either radio caroline or Lantis. You should be able to find podcast. Radio to and excitingly. We're on it. Every Weekday Siriusxm the owner of Pandora has borsa awesome minority stake in soundcloud for seventy five million dollars. soundcloud is used by some podcasters past host. Pandora already sells advertising on soundcloud in the US and luminary is to expand its service to South Africa Ireland and he'll and the company claims this doubles the number of international national locations. Where Luminary is offered. It adds a further potential sixty six million listeners to the subscription podcast service

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