20 Minutes with Suzan Galluzzo


We have a special guest Susan on the show. Thank you very much for giving us your time to talk to us today. If you could start off by telling us about yourself and how you got into the health and fitness game. That would be amazing. Thank you okay. So I'm super happy to be here. I love love love talking to anyone who will listen about health fitness nutrition. So thank you for having me okay. So I've always always Kinda into fitness. You know growing up. I realized much later in life. That fitness had saved me a few different times in my life without actually realizing Tila. My older years. Like in my teens. It saved me from being this insecure. Not so confident teenager in my twenties same thing it helped me found my passion and then later on when I got married and had my first child and fell into some postpartum depression. It saved me once again so it was around then after my first child. I decided that I was going to compete in a fitness show. And just for fun just to get myself. I was bored lonely depressed and I thought you know for. Give me something to focus on. I love being busy. I love fitness. I thought I'll just casually compete in the fitness show and from then. I realized that I learned this incredible information that I felt all women men needed to be privy to not just the bodybuilding world and. I thought why is this only four bodybuilders. Like there's such a holistic way about doing a transformation that should be shared with everyone. So that's what inspired me to get into fitness. And usually what is under? Your nose is what you were meant to be doing and you know so many times. They told me and I'm like no. I'm an accountant and I was in counted for seven years. And you can't make that much money and you know be purposeful teaching fitness. But you know when you're so passionate about something. The Universe is very good to you so from there. I opened by first studio. I was nine months pregnant with a one and a half year old and I opened by her studio ten Yod. It was eight and a half years ago. Most very busy period view obviously dealing with us in the business. Mostly shooter is goes well which is always outgoing. Like still passionate about my own olds his great to hear one thing. I did read that. You'd mentioned before is that. Obviously you're someone who has our family job clients to deal with and quite often people put others needs before themselves. So you talk about. It is important to prioritize ourselves. Sometimes so wolf advice. Would you give to people thought about doing this? What most people end up doing? Is they wait till they hit rock bottom to realize that. Oh my God I've been putting myself on the back burner. And that's when a lot of men and women come to me is when they get a diabetes scare or. They're in so out of shape that their doctor said you have to lose the weight. You have to do something about your health. But it's you know rat. Don't be reactive about your health. Just because things seem okay. We have to realize that you know it's twenty twenty exercises for all and it's mandatory mandatory it not a choice anymore. You have to be taking care of yourself to in order to live a fulfilling and a fulfilling lifestyle until our old age like why are we in wheelchairs at sixty seven years old. No we need to extend our life an extra ten twenty years. You know few of children. It should be a priority regardless with or without children is a priority so realizing changing your mindset when it comes to thin this and realizing that it's not a one trick pony. It's not just a only to lose weight to go on the beach. It's the lifestyle and it's it's for everyone and everybody needs needs to be a mandatory part of lifestyle. I'm trying to get it to be more attention to it. In our school years. You know teaching children the importance of how a fitness routine and getting into the lifestyle early in your life so that it will help you when the going gets tough when that stressful times when you know men and women are having families. It's like we need fitness health to be a part of our lifestyle exactly on. I think it would be very beneficial as well to give children a young age abroad exposure. To all the different types of things you can do obviously. There's numerous different sports a sport for everyone. There's obviously athletics fitness classes. And the so much and there will definitely be something that someone gets excited about and forget. It's actually doing fitness. And they'll see his something they love doing. Yeah I truly believe that especially with kids. It's like we need them to realize that you're just because you you're not that sports kid and you didn't make it on the team. It doesn't mean fitness is not for you exactly exactly. I think that would be very very beneficial indeed successor. How would you that however you raised your children to understand that health and fitness is such a key or as you said mandatory part of our life that will help us later in life while you know seeing is doing right. Monkey see monkey do. If you're not doing it and practicing the lifestyle like how can you tell your children that this is something? That is mandatory. It's going to help them. So because we are both me and my husband are very active. They see that they see that their entire life since they were bored. So that's their normal right a lot of times. They see parents that they don't take care of their own health and fitness and nutrition but they want their children to eat broccoli and go to soccer. It's like no it's gotta be a whole family approach so of course the kids and then also the importance of prioritizing right. Yes school matters and your studies. But it's like we try to take a well rounded approach with our kids that fitness and education. And you know mental health is a big one for us to the all these things matter and all these things need attention to not one gets more attention than the other. Everything needs attention because the end of the day were such complicated human beings that we we need to give attention to all these different elements that make us who we are and yeah it gives them an opportunity to explore like. Maybe they're not the sports kid on the team but maybe they excel in. You know something else. That's fitness related Doesn't it's the agree completely that you can't ready press others to pursue a certain lifestyle if you're not living it yourself save costs definitely true and I'm sure you found you. Continue to find because health and fitness is such a massive part of your life. This will actually help you. Continuously play with your children and getting bowled their lives as you feel you feel too out of shape to fit to to really grew up on play with them and see that a lot in my business. I see a lot of parents. You know that are struggling with their hell and are overweight or tired or exhausted. And they can't even play with their kids or herb. Take them on skis they. They're missing out on things that they could be doing with their their kids. Like you know. We live in Canada so ski trips and tobogganing and just being active in even going to an amusement park and being able to walk that long like I see I see it a lot in my business that when the parents failed to take care of themselves they actually the kids miss out. So what advice would you give to someone? Then pinches listening to this or because it's obviously going into the new year has just started the new year unless they wanted to start to finish any. What can they do to really initiate this process? I mean the one. The big thing is deciding. Decide and commit deciding that your your goals have to be big enough to excite you so you need a reason right. Think of what is your biggest reason for a lot of people. Should their biggest reasons should be that they want to live a long healthy life and for themselves they don't WanNa be pushed in a wheelchair to prematurely. So can give yourself really sit and think about a vision and a reason. That's my first step. I do with all my members. Then the second step is okay. What is going to close the gap from where I am now to where I wanna be and brainstorm. What do you think it's going to take? And then look at that list and pick twenty percent because twenty percent of our actions are responsible for eighty percent of our results till view. And when you know when push comes to shove and your schedules Outta whack just simply performing that twenty percent. So if it's like the twenty percent would to me would be you know signing up for program and showing up three to four times a week just simple sub getting my ten thousand steps a day. That's something that I start. Most people off with start with just being more active in your day to day. So that's and that's simple steps like just parking further going for a little walk at night you know so but it has to be well thought out and planned. New Year's resolutions are wishlist. And they don't happen unless we take massive action plans exactly exactly so on the reverse from then someone who has always had potentially help him to be a big positive life but they've recently gone off. The rails had a few weeks of with come back from an injury on period. How can people bounce buck mindset? I and I see that all its. That's an amazing question. I see that happen all the time. It's like oh I'm not that person not the person that's never started but I fall in or I had a setback and I see it happen all the time and then yeah and then and then you know what they're barest to come. Backer discouraged all used to be able do this now. I can't but it's like just do you have to go back. You will be a much better position if you go back slowly that NOCCO back at all and so it's changing that mindset that and we're not we're getting older right so I tell my members like listen. You're going to do the same things that you did even with me five years ago and that's okay. We adjusted but it's still we make it a lifestyle so like just get back into it after an injury. There's always you know I've seen him in. They'll have a knee injury. But that's that shouldn't stop you from. I always say. Can you get up in a car and start it yes? I can't well then you could do. Upper Body you can do. There's always something you can do But it's changing the mindset and being okay with being a little bit different exactly as you said that it was so that you can do my grandmother whose Clinton is that. She just started because I told her about how. Low impact resistance trading can actually help. She's having some issues and she's just doing some very light exercises on its cons of goodwill that's amazing and she's eighty exactly exactly something always to do. Even you know you're in a wheelchair like there are people out there with really significant limitation. That are doing it so you know an injury or any. I truly believe unless you're bedridden. You can work around most injuries or setbacks or binge period like just get back on. That's the best thing you can do is forget about what happened in. Just get back to it because lease so. She's making fun of them. How do we keep these behaviors took house? We made them more sustainable. So they're not just going to be temporary periods. They actually all be a complete. A sustainable lifestyle change so rituals and habits so we operate forty five percent of what we do is on the daily habits that we have embedded break getting up going to work so you have to create a new list of habits and routines and rituals. That you're gonNA stick to perform and and you you know some for some people. They need an accountability coach. And that's like so for example in my online program. I provide a lot of accountability in that. They have to submit photos every Monday. Soak that creates a habit and they have to other things after they have to do a meal. Prep twice a week and show me photos once they. They've developed that habit long enough which takes twenty one days. It then goes into a ninety day lifestyle so you have to be prepared to commit to. That's a hundred ten days of rituals and then it becomes lifestyle. But you need to commit to making those habits into

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