The Only 3 Ways You Can Differentiate and Compete


I WANNA start by saying that I've come up with these. Three ways is just through my own experiences in business. Our Business Webinar Jar. Webinar software competes in a very busy market with some big players competitors veterans like zoom and go to Webinar have literally millions of users. How do I get a slice of that Pie? This is a question I had to force myself to ask. And it really just boils boils down to three ways a differentiation. Let's start with the first one and that's Nishi down. Whatever your product? Whatever your service you can serve lots of different markets but if you focus on one market on one group of people you become their choice because you've built a product of service and experience around their needs simple? You want to start a software business that helps go build their websites like like a website builder instead of building a website builder for anybody who needs a website. Let's say you focus on photographers and videography hours and your Website builders really cater to that market. These customers have unique needs and the certain things. They don't need that they don't WanNa be confused by so he become the website builder for photographers. Viagra offers all the videography in photographers. That are using something else can move over to you because you serve them directly. Let me give you another author example. A real world example CANVAS CANVAS DOT COM is a cloud based graphic design tool. It's incredibly popular. But it's a niche product. Product is canvas more powerful in feature rich than Adobe Photoshop Note. It's not it's a fraction of what photoshop can do but not everybody. It needs photoshop professional graphic designers. They need photoshop. And they're gonNA use Adobe Photoshop and they're a ideal customer for adobe before before people that are just trying to print a flyer for their book club or for Garage Sale. They don't need photoshop. They need something simple. Easy to use with limited limited features. So they don't get confused and this is where canvas comes in. Canada actually provides a product that's limited and they kind of force their market by saying. Hey we're for people that are trying to just easily design something in a few minutes without a graphic design degree this means they are excluding the professionals bunching down. They speak directly to people that they serve that their product release four so the first way of differentiating is initiating to a group of people in your larger marketplace. The segue differentiate is implementation. And I believe this is the most powerful way differentiate. It's what makes the biggest difference. The most popular example of this is facebook okay. FACEBOOK is not the first social media platform there was my space friendster but facebook implemented it in a way that made it easier. The concept is the same but their implementation was different and therefore they were easily able to differentiate themselves and stand out. There was a period of time where friendster and my space had more features. So it's not about feature sets but but it's more like hey they figured out a way to make social media work and the implement of the I did differently. Here's another real world example in the automobile industry before four. Tesla if you were conscious of the environment and you're a green customer you would buy at Iota Prius to Yoda's implementation to serve. This customer was to create a hybrid vehicle to compact car. It's not really a performance driven. It's not very fast as not really great to handle. It's not a great drive is not luxuriance but it was a symbol. If you drove that car it was a statement. I care about the environment. That's why Leonardo DiCaprio drove Prius until Tesla came around and Tessa Tesla said. Hey we want to serve this market. The people that care about the environment that want to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. But we don't want to sacrifice style or speed or comfort or luxury. We're going to implement this idea differently. It's GonNa be a little bit more expensive but we believe people are going to buy it and enjoy our implementation of this idea. More more than Toyota and history speaks for itself. Leonardo di caprio drives Tesla now. But the point here is that they decided to implement this idea differently with your product. Doc with your service how you implementing your solution differently in a way that adds value with us with women are Ninja. There's a lot of different webinars offers. There was a different ways that you can create you know meetings and do mastermind calls. There's so many ways you could do this. Coaching calls why US while our implementation tation is quite different from everybody else. We actually really focus on ease of use a great experience in terms of building the Webinar an incredible quality. So this is how we want to really implement this idea. We understand if our users find easy to use. They're going to continue to use is it and they're gonNA use it more often and therefore they'll be long-term customers so we're attracting people that say. Hey I love doing webinars but I don't want another headache right. We actually have a testimony L. A. quote a message came from one of our users said I love with an tried other platforms but I said No. Because they're overly complicated. I need a Webinar service. Not another headache. And that's exactly who we attract all right number three. The Third Way to friendship is service. This is a game changer. When when you understand this you understand this is really a way for you to Propel Your Business your competition can copy you? They can copy your features then copier pricing model hectic and copier sales copy. And even your branding but the one thing they can't copy is your service how you treat your customers before before during and after the sale the customer service experience the whole experience of being customer the emails you send now the chats you have the live webinars. You do all that kind of stuff. That interaction you have with your audience with your customer makes the difference. Okay this is something that we tripled down on on an ARP business for the last three years and it's paid off and now when we look at our customer surveys. The number one reason why people love women are inches because one. It's easy to use to who the customer service if you're a small business. This is a great way for you to get a leg up on the bigger businesses larger companies. It's hard to regularly great service. They have large customer service teams and sometimes things become impersonal. But if you're a small team in your managing tickets yourself or you have a small team running customer service you could still train them and be very friendly and very very personal and helpful and be available in human. Our biggest challenges oranges as we grow the business. How do we maintain that to make sure our customer service never suffers because it's one of our biggest differentiator so you could differentiate with the your service the way you treat your customers throughout the buying journey pass Their purchase when they buy the next product with the Knicks Service. So the next you you know a thing that you offer them so they have niche implementation service. Those are the three

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