I will not exchange one brutal oppressor for another


I don't say this from a place of privilege is quite the opposite. It comes from a real place of pain but Mike Bloomberg is the line that I simply will not cross. I can't here's what you may not know and if you are a supporter of Mike Bloomberg. I'm assuming you don't know this Mike. Bloomberg directly caused real pain real trauma in harm to people that I know personally people that I love and call my friend. That's not rhetoric. I'm telling you that. His decisions his policies his personal directives ruined the actual lives of countless men. Women boys girls and families all over New York City in many of them will never recover. Here's the thing. Because social media did not exist on the scale that it exists today during most of his time as mayor of New York from two thousand and two until two thousand thirteen with his final year in office being the literal year before the Black Lives Matter Movement began. Bloomberg narrowly escaped the nationwide public accountability and scrutiny. But he no doubt would have received in any subsequent year after he left office and as a result. New Yorkers particularly black and Brown New Yorkers have something akin to a collective P. T. S. D. over the harmony cost and. I don't want what I'm about to tell you to be a twenty reasons not to vote for Bloomberg type of peace. Those things out there. I just need you to understand the size scope scale in vile nature of the twelve years where Bloomberg personally oversaw in turbo charged a citywide stop and Frisk policy. Let me break down Britain epic. Bring it bears. What Mike Bloomberg did in his twelve years in office as mayor of New York City was the closest thing the United States has got to Jim Crow Apartheid South Africa in our lifetime. Now Bloomberg will tell you that. Hey everything I did. Existed before him that would be like saying prisons existed before the explosion of mass incarceration from nineteen seventy five until today yeah. Prisons existed but on a scale that was on par with the rest of the developed. Worl see from eighteen. Seventy to nineteen seventy the United States consistently incarcerated fewer than two hundred fifty thousand people per year. Today we incarcerate over two point five million people on any given day and over ten million people per year it's exploded so yes prisons existed before nineteen seventy yes a policy of stop and Frisk existed before Bloomberg took office. But he exploded. That's what he did. When he became mayor he grew it and expanded exponentially. Just give me a minute to explain it to you. In the twelve years Bloomberg was in office he ordered the NYPD. I need you to understand these figures. He ordered the NYPD to stop and Frisk people almost exclusively black and brown people a staggering five million eighty one thousand six hundred eighty nine times. Are you listening to me? And those are just stops. That police officers actually documented. Some people believe the actual numbers could be twice as high completely innocent. People were strip searched. Punched kicked slammed beaten groped. Tasers choked in shot in these stops drugs were planted. People were framed in tens of thousands of people. Every single year or arrested sent to rikers for crimes. They did not commit then eventually released without ever even going to court. Some people spent days in jail where they lost their jobs. Single parents lost custody of their kids. Others they did and spend days in rikers but they spend weeks months and even years for crimes they didn't commit. And while they were there in rikers like a young man a teenage boy named Khalif browder. They were beaten and tortured by both guards and inmates alike forced into solitary confinement for years on end then simply released without even an explanation. When Khalif Browder was released he was broken and took his own life. Experts say tens of thousands of other innocent men women and children were either cokes by prosecutors and police enter taking plea deals so that they could simply be released for time served or just chose to take the deals simply so that they could escape the madness of the jail only to be released from rikers back into Bloomberg's New York where they were routinely stopped and frisked again and again and again some individuals were stopped and frisked by the NYPD. Over a hundred different times. Can you imagine now when I say over a hundred times? I'm not using that number one hundred as a euphemism for a lot. I mean they were literally in stopped literally searched and stopped by the NYPD over one hundred times as parents and activists and organizers and preachers in mental health experts in justice reform advocates in constitutional lawyers all begged and pleaded with Bloomberg to stop. He were a few people met with him personally demanding that he stop begging that he stopped. They marched and protested in New York dozens of times. They interrupted his events in some of the smartest most persistent legal groups in the nation sued the Bloomberg Administration over and over and over again to stop these unlawful practices in a federal judge that Dean Bloomberg's stop and Frisk policies that deemed that they were indeed a modern day apartheid for black and Brown New Yorkers. She found that countless constitutional violations existed as she ordered an immediate halt to what he had done for nearly twelve years and even then he fought back against it and refuse to immediately implement the charges and changes rather that she demanded now when Bloomberg left office and his stop and Frisk was no longer a policy. Crime actually plummeted year after year after year. His racist policies that he said he had in place to make New York. Safer didn't make New York safer at all. New York got safer after stop and Frisk ended. All he had done was caused real terror to millions and millions of people and after this man Left Office. Bloomberg bragged about the policy and defended it with all his might. That's why in Twenty fifteen. He asked the staff at the SNOOTY Aspen Institute to turn off the cameras when he spoke there in bragged about how police withrow black and brown boys against the walls. All in the name of making New York City safer. He knew what he was saying was ugly. Have you heard that audio? Those kids that he's talking about and their mothers and fathers and siblings were not just humiliated by such an awful practice it shattered many of them and Bloomberg literally defended all of this after the policy had stopped after it was ruled unconstitutional. He defended it deep into twenty nineteen right up until he decided to run for president. And here's the thing. I have dedicated my life to fighting back against Donald Trump and his policies. I have campaign to oust horrible politicians and have helped elect bold promising new ones all over the country. I've endangered my family in pursuit of tracking down and bringing White Supremacist Neo Nazis. To justice so yes. Donald Trump is our mortal enemy and I work directly with the people in communities that his evil has impacted the most he must be defeated and he can be. I will not support one oppressor to another one. I want to

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