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Irina Shayk has been talking about her breakup with Bradley Cooper...vaguely


What is a publication ship that is a relationship for the purposes of publicity and what is the cake that is that our readers shake Bradley Cooper and it used to be a thing right cake was a thing like must much like a Bhimber lake somebody left out if the cake out in the rain and now it's just a shake and it's a room to shake literally she is dropping some crumbs according to Jezebel about her do you like to take this metaphor as far as we can yeah well they literally said crumbs and it works out perfectly for this analogy but she's drop in some chrome's about her for a relationship now we need to put on our publication ship Cobre gang hats and we don't need to play the segment necessarily because we didn't say we're going to do that but let's just pretend like copper gang whenever this Rommel we need to find out what's really going on with the words that she's saying about her former relation okay okay here's what she said then let's talk quote this is what she told the British vogue I have a strong personality and I definitely know what I want and I think some men are scared of that if somebody's out of my life they're out of my life and I really cut all ties you know I think some people are really scared of coldness I also think not many people know that underneath there's a nice sweet person who cries in interviews there's way too much going on in there one last thing I think it all good relationships you bring your best and your worst it's just the nature of a human being two great people don't have to make a good couple okay let's break some of this down first of all let's set the stage for the audience who maybe wasn't paying attention to what a cake was right what do we think was really going on and why do we really think that cake Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk worry publication ship so we've had some Intel the past the Bradley Cooper is that actually looking for a relationship with a woman and so I really shake what is okay what the owner that again hello okay thank you that she was what they call in the business a beard what is a beard Bradley I mean it's not necessarily a woman who's dating a game and because you just want to be out it can be that can be but it's also just you know a woman who or a man who marries a partner for the purposes of you know publicity publishing chip yeah or just you know that the what because maybe the celebrity doesn't run after him to questions about their relationship status or there's any number of reasons let me know your business exactly so we thought that arena shake was a beard yes trust us we have reason to believe that we can get along now if you want us to but back to cake so they broke up and it was amicable right like remember for the most part there wasn't any like fireworks there was like a little bit of stuff there were some publications that blamed it on his intense relationship with lady Gaga but we think that that was more of lady Gaga wanting to get some headlines exactly yeah okay so and we also assume that perhaps maybe her contract ran out right and actually well go I'd bet but I do want to draw Holly's attention to the fact that Bradley wasn't here when we write a particular blind item about this all to do it now but I just want you to have that ready go on okay so let's stand double back if you're just joining us we're talking about cake that is the former real the relationship formally known as cake Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk she's talking about her relationship vaguely invoke and by and what she said again to reiterate is I have a strong personality and I definitely know what I want and I think some men are scared of that do you think she's trying to say whether it's true or not give the impression the rap for Riley Cooper was scared of her strong personality yeah which I mean only yeah I don't buy that at all but five and then she says if someone's out of my life they're out of my life okay that actually just sounds kind of route and if you're applying that I mean I don't know what the point is is saying that if you're not trying to leave some sort of comment in the the Bradley Cooper pocket yeah right so like you have a child with him yeah he's your child staff your life yeah but that just sounds rude also I think well and I think maybe he is mostly out of her life you know what now may be a good time for this blind and yes you were Friday this foreign born a a minus list model has not been spending much time with her offspring because a new client wants

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