Baseball coach killed in crash honored at opener


To determine the exact cause of that helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and his daughter and seven others on Sunday CBS correspondent Danya Bacchus ladies on a moment's silence for John ultimately just south of the lady orange coast college baseball team took the field for their season opener without their coach Jon alter valley he died in Sunday's crash along with his wife and daughter what do you say we smile for the next three hours and have some fun Tony all to valley says that's what his brother would have wanted CBS has more the top of the hour robots are helping feed those infected with the corona virus in one Chinese hotel is CBS is Matt Piper for those isolated in a quarantine hotel in China they're feeling even more isolated with video showing robots delivering food to their hotel rooms out of fear of spreading the corona virus to a room service employee more than two hundred tourists are house in a hotel in east China after there flight landed in the city some came from Wuhan so there were fears of cross infections between the passengers video posted online by hotel guests show robot stopping in front of hotel rooms while playing an announcement saying in part enjoy your meal thank you the hotel says it's programmed sixteen robots one on each floor mac Piper CBS news

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