French Antisemitism Survey, 75 Years After Auschwitz

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Week. AJC's Paris office released a new survey measuring Jewish rush and non-jewish opinions about antisemitism across France. Joining us now. To unpack the survey findings is Simone Rodin Benz Akin the paris-based Chris based director of AJC Europe Simone. What's fascinating and even groundbreaking I think about this survey that? AJC Paris just conducted -ducted is that we asked the questions of both Jews and non-jews about their thoughts and feelings around antisemitism and so now that we have the results. We can actually compare the way French. Jews think about antisemitism from the way French non-jews do so let's start off with the ways in which their thoughts are the same. What are the areas where French Jews and French non-jews are kind of similarly concerned or on the same page about the sources of or? We are worried in the same way about antisemitism so first of all I would say that The one thing that I think Jews and non-jews share is the understanding standing that anti-semitism has really sort of become a problem in. Finally I mean for friends. Jews of course it's more than a problem it's reality it's something that they have to deal with and we can go further into what that actually means and and to what extent Jews are actually affected by antisemitic But what is clearly seen. Is that French people in general have really understood that anti-semitist becoming problem and that they experienced even in their daily lives one out of five French people So not graduates has heard someone is in his entourage Say something bad about Jews for example so it's basically it means that you know one out of five. French French person was not Jewish. Can Be anywhere in front has heard something bad about juice so this is good the antisemitic ya'll has really become a reality. Both for Jews and non-jews What I think to have separate the Jews anonymous? Of course they experience and this is very clear is that Jews and not Jews simply. You don't have the same live in France at the same concerns The same daily lives are the same the same perception of security a threat the way they perceive their family and they then they way that they behave and I guess one way that we're seeing that manifest ask. Is this kind of startling top line result. which is that? Nearly three quarters of the French public and seventy two percent of juice of seventy three percent percent of French people at large and seventy two percent of French Jews consider antisemitism a problem that affects all of French society which she's really a startling number. I guess it's actually a positive number to see that so many French people at large are concerned about the problem. Is that right yes. I think that's absolutely right right. And I think that's sort of Out of the rather sobering aspect of the servicing. This is really the part that gives us a little bit of hope. Let's not forget that anti-semitism has been the problem in France for nearly twenty years The numbers have proved that people have been killed in France. People get a daily assaulted in in the street in their homes and in front of synagogues and schools and so to see that French people in general now understand that. Ah anti-semitism is not just a problem for you know. The nearly one percent of the population fronts meaning Jews but at that they they have come to understand that it is an attack against fringe value. That it's an attack against bronzes very identity and democracy. I think it's a positive sign for many many years Jews in France have felt very loaning. There was a clear feeling of solitude. I personally remember with the number of demonstration of walks where we were very much known. We would walk in the streets after the merger of Ilan Halimi. By the way for yesterday we commemorated his fourteen th year when he was abducted and ultimately than killed twenty eight days later but I remember that after he was killed we were a couple of you know few hundred. Maybe a thousand in the streets than we were. Basically you know ninety nine point nine percent so now understand that French people in their entirety very largely seventy three percent understand that anti-semitism concern learned over the front. And the very hard to France is very important not to move away from the kind of uplifting elements of this too but there aren't that many uplifting uplifting elements so we might have exhausted that line of questioning I wanted to also ask Simone. Where are the places in the results? In which Jewish opinion and French opinion at large differs. Often we'll see that. Jews are concerned about different sources of antisemitism from the way that non-jews kind of think about I anti Semitism to make the direct analogy here in America. We often see politicians from one party or the other or public figures associated with either the left or or the right kind of saying you know of course Anti Semitism is important. And that's why everyone should agree with my kind of predetermined political outlook on the world. Because because you know that also they would say holds the answer to antisemitism which is pretty cynical. So I'm wondering did we uncover kind of the same thing in France with the survey well I. It's interesting so three sources were cited four One is one is the far left one is the far right and then we also asked about sort of general the age old anti Semitic prejudice. But that's focused on the first three Islam. As far less enfor writes on Islam. Both relatively agree. There is a ten percent nine percent difference but dude and don't use agree reduce By forty five percents see that Islamism is the first source of anti-semites whose place it ED. Thirty six percent and the extreme-right also they share a relatively same view on it where they differ immensely is on the way they perceive the far left and the far left anti-semitism and their dues. French do see that it is by thirty percents a source of anti-semitism and on the fringe people in general only nine percents. And I think this has partly not something to do with the fact that a French to have experienced have understood for a very long time that this anti-semitism affect them mm-hmm that it's not the traditional anti-semitism that can be easily identified with swastikas with Neo Nazis. But they knew that this sort of untie. Zionist obsession has easily become something else and has easily become anti-semitism. And I think unfortunately I need the rest of society as such has not yet come to understand it even bill. I still have hope that this will becoming Surveys are released east every day in every country all around the world and and even around Anti Semitism there have been a number of surveys. That have come out in recent months. Has this one made any any kind of particular splash in France. Yeah I think we can easily say that we brought out yesterday and it was on the front page of the biggest. You could most read most widely read newspaper in France and it was on the front page front page said to Jews of fronts are worried our Fred And there were another two pages in there and basically For the past forty eight one a forty eight hours despite everything l.. What's going on in the world? Basically D- Top story anti-semitism has tended on twitter. They have been. I can't even count them anymore. The number of articles. ooh That's been invited on all sorts of shows etc to talk about it Because again I think it comes at a time when there is growing understanding signing of the fact. That anti-semitism is a symptom over bigger problem that we have seen a lot of violence we have seen a lot of radicalization shen with Islamist radicalization but also in the political spectrum. And I think people have come to understand that you know. If we don't tackle so the problem of anti-semitism the cancer will only spread than it will only affect the rest of society more. So I think it's at East. My interpretation and that is one of the reasons why has received such widespread coverage and discussion and conversation also in the political

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