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American's vote on the Republican line. Want a higher minimum wage want millionaires to pay their fair share in taxes WANNA drink. Clean water are movable oftentimes on issues issues of immigration and race much more so than the political class would have you think and so a campaign that that invites in disaffected independent and sometime Republican voters and says we to want to change politics. We he to think it's been hijacked by people who are paid to argue with each other whether it's in the media or in Washington could be one that still oh has a an opponent right and that's an entrenched political class that Mitch McConnell's of the world but invite a lot more people into the army to save our republic becky bond. Who's been a senior adviser to Bernie Sanders and Beto O'Rourke argues that an effective message doesn't necessarily have to be ideological so long as it's honest about what matters most people? I think that the messages that are that are resonating. Our messages that that acknowledging a really authentic way about what's broken and what's affecting people's lives whether it's the the opioid crisis or whether it's you know the impacts of climate change on fires and flooding and literally you know crops can't grow in the same place and I think that it's that the sort of the differences is is not a moderate or a progressive vision. But the difference is who's being honest about how things are broken and also being honest and clear about what is going to take to fix them and I think it takes a lot of courage to actually call things as they are and admit that that what we need to do is so big. If we don't do that then I I just don't think we're going to inspire people to participate in the political process Stacey. Abrams agrees that Democrats need to go. Big But reminds us that we also have to overcome the cynicism awesome and disappointment that so many voters feel towards politics. What I think we all have to hold to is that our ambitions have to to be met with our capacity to deliver because for the people who are the most easily dissuaded from participation? It's when you promise them the moon and can't deliver a single grain of sand and that's the piece that I worry about not that we don't talk about what our vision is but we also have to talk about how we plan to get there and for a lot of skepticism skepticism that you find in communities of low propensity voters. If what you're proposing sounds too much like wishing they're going to presume that you either are lying lying or you're naive and neither of those are worthy of their time because they've got to make a living and make alive and protect their children. So it's not that you shouldn't offer brand new old ambitious ideas is that you have to recognize that people have to catch up with you and they have to believe. Those ideas can be made manifest in real David axelrod degrees. I do think one of the things that is on the ballot in November is whether cynicism triumphs. If Democrats are going to be successful. They have to push back against the cynicism and they have to do it in an authentic way that speaks to the the real experience of people and basically empowers people to take control and sees back the levers of government in the levers of power from you know the morass they they see in Washington there is tremendous jaundice about institutions including politics and government and part of this campaign ought to be about challenging those institutions to live up to their highest ideals. And not you know the lowest and give people a sense of movement that this this is a movement for change not just another exercise in the in the blue team in the red team. I thought a lot about this especially early in light of what I heard from the voters I spoke to the last few months the view they shared more than any other was the cynicism towards our institutions that acts referred to especially especially towards our political system in the media neither of which they trust or take very seriously anymore that includes their views of both parties. Even as I'm sure for many of you would agree that for a long time. It's been largely Republican politicians who've degraded these institutions and divided us for their own profit. But here we are and I think that in order to reach these Americans to reach most Americans it will require more than a critique of trump more than a critique of Republican policies and even more than a vision of progressive government that would tangibly improve their lives. Democratic candidates will have to persuade voters that this vision is actually possible that they'll run a government that functions and delivers for people that is ethical and honest and staffed with public servants who respect the rule of law. They'll have to persuade. See Them. They're not gonNA wallow in the pettiness and Nastiness of politics and that they'll be focused on the big fights and the hard fights that matter most to Americans that they intend to represent everyone no matter who you are what you look like where you come from or who you voted for because we actually believe in democracy what is democracy. Let's see. Democracy is an agreement among people of different backgrounds to a common set of values and for Americans democracy is one of our civic religions. So yes I think this election is about democracy but I think it's not that word. It's about an American miss. An idealism frankly not always warranted but still closely held and that speaks to a certain fundamental esteem about America and about Americans that Donald Trump betrays. Every time time he tweets are way to the brink of war every time he brags about sexual assault every time he line his own pockets every time he punches down. Uh we need our presidents to tell us and the world that America is an ideal worth fighting for an ideal worth fighting for this election. As Ron Brownstein said at the very beginning will be a contest between between two very different visions of America the represent two very different American traditions. One is a country that small and narrow in mean that can be exploitative exclusionary and the other is a country that's big and generous and welcoming and just a country that has the ability ready to continually improve itself because we all fight really hard to make it happen even if we don't always succeed even if sometimes we're fighting each other more than anything else. We have to stand up for that America in this election. That's the ideal worth fighting for. That's what's at stake no matter who were nominee no matter what kind of race you're working on whether you're knocking on doors in western Pennsylvania running for office in the Arizona suburbs organizing a Miami neighborhood hood or training volunteers in Minnesota. The outcome of this election is on us and is David cluff and writer. Rebecca Tracer remind us with one final pep talk. Doc that's both an opportunity and an obligation. None of us knows what's going to happen. None of us knows anything and we are trying. We WanNA comfort ourselves because because it's terrifying but the point is not that we are able to guess right now sitting in a recording studio making podcast. The point is what each person who cares about that outcome does inbetween. It's about the door knocking. It's about the canvassing. It's about the participation. It's also how we interact in our live. It's how we listened to our news. It's how we acknowledge the thing that none of us wants to do is admit that we don't know and that it's our actions that are going to contribute to what happens next. We just can't leave anything for granted even if we can't measure it's effective even if we're frustrated by like I just think we gotTA belly up here and all do more than we thought was possible to be clear who our nominee is an and their quality And and the great campaign they run or don't run how good trump's campaign is or not state of the economy or were wore. Those are the big things but this probably will be decided on the margins and we all have an ability so I put it this way if you live in Michigan and oh you in the fall. August September October. Let's say or responsible for five people registering and all five of those people. Say What does that matter. Well what if two two thousand other people in Michigan which is not a lot in a big state did the same. That's ten thousand. That's more than what hilary lost. The state by if it means spending fifteen minutes a day just talking to your circle Oracle recruiting more volunteers sharing good content Do that make sure that you're registered and everybody in your circles registered and tell them go to vote save America check if you can go to a battleground state do so if you live in a battleground state become volunteer leader. You know even if you live in California New York you can travel to a battleground state you can go to a phone bank. People say I call fifty people. I only talk to out of the fifty. So what maybe an impact on those two people. That's how we win this thing. Just I remember seventy thousand votes in three states when Donald Trump five hundred thirty eight votes in Florida we get the Iraq war like we all have an ability citizens to affect these elections. Fight back if you don't do it but nobody will. You have the power to do all that also you have the responsibility. That's the thing we all avoid doing by sitting around playing Parlor Games where we predict addict with great confidence. What's going to happen next? It takes away the fact that we determine what happens next. If you care enough to sit around and prognosticate hit about it then you damn well should care enough to do something about it amen. The one thing I hope you take away from everything you've heard is not an ultimately false sense of optimism or pessimism about the election results in November but a renewed sense of determination in agency that you can play pivotal role in the outcome. Let's go win this thing. The wilderness is written and directed by me Jon. Favreau of cricket media. It's produced by Andrea Gardner Bernstein Andrea B.. Scott Andrew Scott is also editor. Austin Fisher is our assistant editor and associate producer music by Mardy Fowler. Sound Design and Mixing Axeing by Daniel Ramirez production support from Alison Falsetto Sydney rap. Brian Semel Ruth Lichtman Carolina Reston Saul Rubin and David Tobias Kyle said. Lynn was a recording engineer. Austin Fast Virginia Laura Nancy Rosenbaum and Max Wasserman our field producers fact checking by Justin Klesko go and Sarah Chocolate our production by Shayna Loria and Suraya chocolate archival legal review by Chad Russo special. Thanks to Sara Guys Mer Luke Demo Hen and tiny so monitor and our deepest. Thanks to everyone who generously gave their time to share their stories and insights with US especially Angela. aldus Christine Marsh Gina Gina Romero Patrick Pen Alexa. Howard Engineer Bates? Thanks for listening..

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