NTSB: Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Missed Clearing Mountain by 20-30 Feet


Breaking news the Ntsb just giving just a horrible update on the crash that killed NBA star. Kobe Bryant his daughter and seven others the NTSB as saying at this hour that the helicopter was only twenty to thirty feet from clearing the mountain. That is a mountain that it of course fatally crashed into but only twenty twenty to thirty feet away from actually clearing it and continuing safely That chilling horrible update coming as the world continues to mourn the loss of Bryant his former teammate. Shaquille O'Neal spoke of his love for Bryant today and also warned a conversation that they'll never get the half remote. It'll be able to Joe. Get his hall of fame ceremony. Going to be able to say how I got five. You got four. We're not going to be able to say if we stay together we could have got ten get back and we are learning more about the last few hours of Bryant's life including where he went before he got on that helicopter visit to his church to pray Brooke Baldwin. When is out front tonight new video showing the helicopter carrying NBA star? Kobe Bryant his daughter. Jonah and and seven others captured on camera mere minutes before crashing in the hills of Calabasas taking the lives of everyone on board investigators. GAITERS are scouring the crash site for clues working all hours to find answers just hours before the flight Bryant and his daughter spent that Sunday morning at Church coach he just came. Here is PERSA faith. Any prayed prayed along with the rest of us. Father Steve Salat spoke to Bryant that morning. Those little holy water on his forehead forehead so I knew that he got into the chapel to pray and came out bless himself and then we spoke for a minute shook hands and off. He went he and his daughter. gee-gee received seve communion there that morning leaving just before seven. Am to board the Helicopter Bryant. A Life Long Catholic regularly attended church often At Our Lady Queen of Angels in Newport beach with his family who's quite amount of faith quiet about it but certainly a man of faith that faith is what Bryant credited for for changing his life after being charged with sexual assault in two thousand three Bryant denied sexually assaulting nineteen year old woman but admitted the two had sex sex. He says it was consensual. The charges were eventually dropped in Bryant. Settled civil suit in two thousand five. He told G Q in Two thousand fifteen speaking to a priest is what helped him through those difficult times saying the priest told him to quote let it go move on. God is not going to give you anything thing you can't handle and it's in his hands now. This is something you can't control so let it go. And that was the turning point a point he made in an interview with ESPN when he was asked what he learned from that time. God is Great. Is it that simple. God is Great. Don't get no simpler net. Did you know that I mean I'm everybody knows that but the way you know now did you know what before that incident. You can know it all you want but until you got to pick up their crossed you can't carry. He picks it up for you and carries you and across. Then you know and all around me tonight tonight. Hundreds of fans. I've been here since Sunday. This memorial has tripled in size fans here scribbling on every square inch of this plaza including the concrete floor beneath them. Tonight would have been the first Lakers game since the crash instead fans are here for much different reason mourning the loss of a man who's Mamba mentality lives on Aaron Right Brooke thank you very

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