Trump celebrates victory after impeachment acquittal


But we will begin with the president's celebration of his acquittal in the Senate and his thank you to the men and women specially the Republican Party but also his staff for standing by him through the ordeal of the three year ordeal the Democrats launched against Donald Trump even before he was sworn in as president in twenty seventeen the three you are deal alleging conduct that was a hoax to quote my friend Devin newness of fairy tale of fantasy fabulous made up falls three years of it I don't need a detailed because a man who's lived it along with me is seven core concept a very good evening to you the president as specially mentioned Devin and his remarks and I talk to Devon earlier in the program and was a delight to learn that once I read the news how do you measure the president's remarks today what did it do for the Republican Party that now completely supports the president good evening to you ASAP good evening John well I I played a large chunk of the president's press conference from the west wing which was ruby impromptu it wasn't a teleprompter speech it was heart filled and it was delightful because I've you said of the photos the the the victory round that this is you know a man and a quick hit forever and he beat and the lives of been destroyed he went around the room one by one with personal anecdotes thanking everyone there who had done so much to fight for the truth including Devin newness got a special shout out but perhaps one of the most enjoyable folly and and and warmest comments which is to Steve Scalise who you recognize the specially given the the violence of the did meted out on him that almost took his life so today is is a is a glorious day I had match lap from the American conservative union on my show he said he was in the area where he is a man who has breeze and live the conservative movement for for many many years and Matt said John he's never seen the Republican Party so United and so excited elderly supporters with that might read manga hats on you're getting up from there with the walkers and and and and punching the air and and excited and what I have to give him full credit Matt said this is the first day of the new presidency the president never had a honeymoon he was never given a break for three and a half years and with the state the incredible state of the union and we have the liquid alone on both counts in the Senate impeachment trial this could be the that new start for the trump presidency the state of the union I I've read over the speech because it was happening while I was in the air and I was not able to view and I saw the video clips the president's statements were straight forward he he was a summarizing the accomplishments of the trump administration in fact it was so obvious worry was going the whole time but I'm told that the Democrats sat there many of them wearing white sat there glom can I take this as a form of cheering for the president that the Democrats had nothing to say no we we we really have to be very clear about what happened in the state of the union it was appalling because on the one hand you had an incredible speech some have said it's the best speech the president has given I still think the Warsaw speech will be more historically significant but it is clearly one of the best state of the union speech of any president have given it was so perfectly choreographed drawn from the the the story of the nine year old black girl who finally has been awarded a scholarship by that by the White House she will be able to choose which school she goes to the one hundred year old Tuskegee airmen who would just have to stop you don't have that often by the president making him a general whose great grandfather is that in the gallery wanting to join the space force as an officer the the military family that the mother who was there with her her children who've been supporting the the families at Fort Bragg whose sobs and is surprised to heat she surprised by the fact that her husband the sergeant returns from the sky and the stand during the speech by the president and all of these jobs all of them the Democrats sat down and did and she did that they didn't they didn't they didn't see it when he said we have the highest employment for women in America we have the lowest unemployment for minorities the people who the Democrats say they represent and and they wouldn't even cheer for the fact that the president said we have taken millions of people of food stamps John it was it was on American it was so now what it was do this if and and it really shows the Democrats who they have become a a party that has been taken over by radicals like other she did to leave walked out half way through the state of the union Nancy Pelosi who destroyed a government document in peak at the end of the speech by ripping it up including all those incredible stories that were part of the state of

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