How to Stop a Leech From Hijacking Your Success


Which hates Marie? And you're watching Marie. TV Business and life advice that works. Today's question comes from someone who wants to remain anonymous. So we're GONNA call her Jane Jane rates I'm an independent sales rep for a makeup company. Sitting there is a shady rep among us who continually steals leads edges in on events planned by others and pretty much anything else that gives her something for nothing. Our district manager claims that she can't do anything and refuses to get involved is not fair to the rest of us who are working hard and this behavior will continue as long as she is getting getting away with it. I am at my wit's end and I don't know what to do or who else to turn to. She must be stopped and taught a lesson about business ethics and integrity lease his health. Jane you're not GonNa like what I have to say but this is actually going to be a great lesson for you in business ethics. I'd choose business ethics. This woman is either aware that she's leaching off of everyone figures. It's fine because nobody's called her out on it including you or she's clueless and is operating out of fear and scarcity really has no idea how to conduct yourself in either scenario. I realize you are not the victim of this woman. If you want her to stop you must take responsibility for your part. In the fact that it's still going on you are complicit by not being straight with her. So here's what I suggest girl. You need to have come to. Jesus talk with her own. You sit down and you say leach they offer my lead you say sucker kidding give her the benefit of the doubt and have an honest compassionate talk with her tell her how her actions or having a negative impact on a reputation these specific in your examples. You WanNa say something like Hey. I don't know if you realize this but the way you're behaving it comes across like you're trying to steal leads for myself and the other reps then listen to

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