Reactions to Trump's impeachment acquittal


To get it in I mentioned earlier in the show that the the the whole thing with there were so many people in December during the the house during the actual impeachment proceedings that were celebrating on social media believing you know the willfully ignorant believing that impeachment means removal and then you you look at I guess the last couple weeks there've been a few that I've seen it's over for him he'll be he's done and it went from he'll resign by the end of the week to well he's definitely not going to win in November and you and I don't make predictions but you look where the strings are right now with this president you look at what Chris Matthews has said not just about what happened not just about the state of the union or anything else and then van Jones banjo that on that at the last debate and and what he said he didn't see anybody on the stage that night they could be tribe and on yesterday talking about look Democrats have to understand trump is going after the black vote and he may be able to get a significant portion of it I mean you you look at that and the Rasmussen had on in terms of black votes forty two percent and we said okay fine cut that in half favorability rating yet favorability rating of forty two percent cut that in half let's say it's twenty one that's massive I don't remember Republican I'd have to go back and and look at the last Republican that had that kind of support but it it's it's like they're still some that are in denial over what the left has got it I wonder if it's who was it that said her friends during twenty sixteen with just a draw the curtains in and close the doors and turn the TV TV are in doubt burned out yes if there was any negative news about Hillary that would just bury their heads in the sand but it's just on many fronts I'm just talking about the chatter on social media it's very quiet right now by the far left look they hate to guide the make fun of the guy they must they mocked the guy but I don't see them promoting their their some for Bernie there did the burning crowd was there but really I mean there's not the porch there was in twenty sixteen there's not the I don't I just don't see it it it's maybe it comes together but it's not happening right now well one thing that we monitored on the show over the last five months is the number of responses that we got especially after the cross after the house impeachment hearings were done in the articles of impeachment were actually written so the cross examination was done we had Democrats that would speculate in September and in October and November and cut well with that you guys are wrong they're gonna get him today and it never happened in fact the opposite happened when the witnesses came forward in the house but once that was completed our I believe we have had only for phone calls mmhm and that would be since thanksgiving of anybody attempting to defend the the Democrat point I believe three out of those four phone calls because you wanted a moderate because we we were saying to ourselves this is really incredible because we know what the Democrats think that they have a point mmhm and we find it incredible three out of those four we're only saying the only point they had was a talking point well of trump was innocent he let everybody testify which is again the philosophy that you are guilty until proven innocent right that it's it's upon the defense the burden of proof is on the defense not the prosecutor not those making the charges which is false and we had so we had one phone call on the issues and and that fell back real quick I can't remember what point they were trying to make that they made the point and we countered whatever the point was they weren't there was like silence so I'm not you don't anoint there but that's it and that's why we have with confidence said every single Democrat listening right now to the show knows that the impeachment and the impeachment trial was bogus they don't know the articles of impeachment were bogus they all know what every single Democrat senator knows that their vote was bogus they know what was purely political it was not in line with what the constitution has said impeachment should be about they know what you know Eric if you were talking about the fact that Mitt Romney should debate Alan Dershowitz and that we would laugh because it's never gonna have not gonna happen it's the same as climate change yes you had the one thing tank last year attempt to have a debate on climate change they brought in experts and said you know the scientist climatologist that said now look they're throwing on Tuesdays doomsday scenarios and that just isn't the case it's wrong they invited dozens of climate change activists to debate it nobody would show up nobody under cross examination the left does not want to defend what they believe in no no they don't and that's why with confidence we have said we know what we've done this a long time run hundreds and hundreds of the greatest radio stations across the country we know if we make a mistake on something as simple as when we kid about a Hogan's heroes that was the first time member we said about old in zero right or or what we were kidding them bad when we first got together well when we were first in back in two thousand five wasn't while when we started doing the show together and we Kinley said you know use the term the you of the line from animal house word was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and we were just inundated with people the people on the left you guys secure your your you guys are just wanna be's you're even know who bombed Pearl Harbor we know it was the French exactly so it is so believe me we know we've dealt with that when if we make any type of of mistake you know read something you know but we we get something and we read it and we you know get the number wrong for certain you know if we say trillion instead of billion boom they're they're cheap you guys are no credible you got that wrong saria yeah we did done did mean it because the last thing we want to do is argue something that's not true right we don't need to do that they need to do that and so we know that every single Democrat listening right now knows that the impeachment was bogus they all do yes every single Democrat senator knows it was bogus anybody in the media the paid attention to it knows it was bogus the majority like I said when of response you know email whatever we get if somebody is trying to make the case are actually ignorant on the law ignorant on impeachment or ignorant as to what actually happened I think one of the the one call was talking about the fact that although the witnesses are all testified against trump was no they did no just the opposite no and I've used here is or when the opposite right so you know we know even your Bonaventure when in cross examination I came down what she didn't like the guy yeah she was she was upset that she was fired and and we get to Romney and the discussion on Romney and your work and I were just having a during the top of the hour and you're trying to make the point look he knows it's not constitutional and I agree with you I got you this is this is where you try to get well what's the motivation behind it you just tear down the the what's more what's more what would lead what would be left on the table if you if the knowns take those off the table what's left we know that he knows the constitution we know that right we know that he does this whole thing was bogus we know that so it was about one thing his hatred for the president it's that simple his trolling it's the equivalent of trolling because tell me where the risk is in Utah I'm convinced he's not gonna run for a second term I maybe maybe I'm wrong I believe he's one and done as senator from Utah but tell me where where does that red put everything on the on the table and what's most likely he just has a huge dislike or hatred for this president because he had a story here even as arguments fell apart we claim the trump had withheld vital military funds that you didn't withhold he didn't know what hit them but we didn't eight here's a quote Corp corrupting election to keep oneself in office is perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of the oath of office that I can imagine what one well there was no election it was corrupted in no way no national security interest the Wall Street journal here if their analysis no security interests were jeopardized because other senators and advisers persuaded Mr trump to release a military aid all even challenge out from the Wall Street journal I don't know that for a fact no no and now here's the other theory that I that I didn't include go high I know that there were people encouraging him senator Johnson or whatever yes I know this is necessary right but I don't know that that's why he made the ultimate decision I don't know that I don't have the testimony that gets me to that point precisely that I would need though the one theory that I have not put on the table is is maybe the the most obvious that we missed Mitt Romney is a robot what what Linda Hamilton from terminator two you know I believe it and you had that for a long time he has and it because it's true can I get sued for that please sumi Mitt Romney go ahead well and here's what happened I think Adam Schiff reprogrammed his his his explanation was so weak console falls yeah so easy to tear through yeah that you sit there and you say well it can't be it meant more read more Mitt Romney is smarter than this mmhm he was always he was re program right he knows that's not that he's no that's not the truth so you get to the point if it wasn't constitutional and it wasn't legal what drove him to do that exactly is this like for his residence like what do you want to make college dislike hatred ever to whatever I you know I again I can't get in somebody's mind but when you break it down and say but every argument in cross examination of Mitt Romney's explanation you can tear to shreds yeah so then what was it afterwards and so when people come to that conclusion I can understand them coming to the conclusion one thing I can tell you without question without getting into his mind he is wrong constitutionally yes and he's wrong on the facts that he actually stated on the Senate floor as to what happened he was inaccurate in his analysis when when you set aside your critical thinking skills and your knowledge of the constitution and put it behind your distrust your dislike or your hatred I don't know how I don't know how to do that I don't I don't know what drives you to do that because you can see he could still go back to his home state and say look I didn't I think that was not the right call to make I would have done it but it did not rise to impeachment it did not rise to to removal when you start talking about the fact that by the way that he was grappling over it you know that this was this was such a tough decision on I had to make the right decision for my kids when you start talking like that you know you're trying to justify your vote yes I wouldn't have to say that no I would have to bring in my family or anything nope it was easy right what I mean it was tough either he did it a read either he did something that was impeachable or not stand up and be a man don't sit there in a book because my my family and it was tough stock toss what are you teaching your family about the constitution right and where and when he started doing that I said wow he's tried to justify his vote yes because he knows it's bogus yes

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