Denver Broncos miss injured fullback Andy Janovich


Edger Mason from the D. M. V. are the D. M. V. R. dot com wrote up a little bit about the struggles in the run game now it's no secret Benjamin that the Broncos miss sandy Janet **** they must channel they love genau when the general said to be all right they had twenty two of them now the numbers you you've got over this we got over those balls very quickly refresh everybody's memory about how good they are with channel first without Janel the Broncos averaging four point four yards per carry and one first down every five attempts when Janet was playing in the seven games in there without him the ones he's missed due to injury the average only three point eight yards per carry and their first down comes every five point five attempts to pretty big jet drop right we we talk about what the league average would you if you want to be a a good running team you want to average on league average of four point four in a box right right yeah and it's you know with with this team it it really is designed to run especially these running backs designed to run behind a row of a full back fill Lynsey if what he does is fine so small creases in when you get a gentle clear the way get an extra seal blockages makes such a difference so I he is sorely missed with what they do I like ager back as a receiving guy back feel but I haven't really been overly impressed with Lee blocking and yell a time you gotta you gotta soul run offense with it with a greatly Boker like Chad it you know you really miss him when he's out yeah I'm with Andrew back we we both like him as a receiver his route running all that and maybe he's gonna make a little bit easier for the Broncos to make some decisions are tied into the offseason as they've got did your fireman contract they have to deal with they have decision at the Macon Jake bites I mean he's still a rookie deal but maybe there's enough energy back to the they moved on in that direction same thing with the food the galley who's been okay for a me again for like a fifth round pick he's been what you sort of expect but he hasn't taken any huge leaps forward and maybe you still drafted other tight end you stay young in that room well yet you still got Austin for but after the training camp Darling who was was on injured reserve so you you've got some bodies back there tight and all the sudden you know you got too many bodies and not enough roster spots it's gonna be interesting to see next year how that shakes out I'm completely with you did you realize Benjamin and I didn't realize and I don't know if you saw this on our guy Andrews article but when the Broncos since two thousand sixteen when the Broncos rush for at least a hundred yards the average for a half per Kerry and they try they run the ball is twenty times their ten six Congo's committing to running get a hundred yards at least a hundred yards for have yards per carry which is an insane by any stretch and they have at least twenty attempts there ten six they are twenty one and thirty one when they don't meet those standards what is that yeah it tells me to some pretty definitive benchmark so what this offense needs to be where it needs to be ordered be successful I think this is a pretty pretty clear indicators I mean it seems that that way but honestly when it comes to the the running game it's it's a little bit of a tough thing because you you say well I want you to to run the ball let's just say they run run the ball twenty times in this game no matter what well the the brokers have I've kind of made a point of trying to take what the defense is giving them and they'll maybe maybe check out of things and they also seem to remember what happened in the Chargers game the second half when the Broncos opted to run the ball a lot in the fans kind of got a little restless about gridlock not throwing it well yeah I those fans who showed up for that game in the cold were there to see drew lock throw and I think that's that's kind of a part of that but you know they want to go conservative they didn't want to expose him I get it it makes life said I wish they would have done some more things with maybe throwing on first down to kind of keep the defense off balance but you know I overall that that game plan going could several like that which is to protect young quarterback I'd like to see them you know we talk about your lock and I think he's gonna get his of X. two games but I'd like to really see them right the run game I'd like to see some more outside zone I was really disappointed at the Broncos didn't seem to run much outside so to give kids a city in a game where people struggle with footing eight it why not string the run to the edge where Phil lives you can keep reading looking for that cut back lay that will creased as it through and and get you some yardage they just didn't do it and I understood some that's a function of get behind you know and and I have got to throw the ball but sometimes you gotta create those opportunities and you know I was a little disappointed that well really with this season the Broncos haven't gone as much outside so as I

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