Weekly Wrap: A Look Back At 2019 In Democracy, Protests And Business - burst 2


And we see people coming out on the floor of the House and the debate on Wednesday showing a huge map with lots of read on it and saying look the country is hugely read. Made is of course. Acreage may measuring of course enormous states that vote Republican and are enormous states. It's but don't have that so here's one way to think of it. We have just passed a statistical sort of marker here miles. Yeah we now have most of the people in the United States fifty two percent then living in just nine states and that trend is to continue the big states you know California Texas Florida New York etc are going to get more and more populous relative to the rest of the country. So we're already at a point where fifty two percent live in just nine states meanwhile You take the least populous estates take say for example the half of the states that are least populous twenty six dates roughly half They have only eighteen percent

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