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The Victoria natural Historical Society is arguing for this it's a seven hundred and fifty members society and they want a mandatory neutering of all cats over six months of age unless the owner applies for a special permit or for breeding or for medical exemptions they want all cats to be licensed in vaccinated against rabies all cats to be confined to their owners property or went off premises to be on a leash and already the the politician in question the merits said that she doesn't have the resources and isn't interested in policing cats the outcry happen because some people saw some of these some cats maybe wild cats feral cats I don't know stocking ducks and dumplings and so that's what started this and cats are said to be the largest predators of wild birds and the big problem there and they're often blame for this so I wanted to bring this to you I thought I as I was reading this I was thinking maybe you because I was thinking you know I let my cats go in and out on my farm and I've had cats experts on before who are on the cat so I do this not the bird side and they don't like that they want me to keep my cats inside and they want me to do all these things these people are saying so

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