Fun Facts About Christmas Carols


Not all pieces. That use Christmas Ms Carols were meant to be played at Christmas time when he composed music for a play called Lila's the woman from ro a city in France. George borrowed an old French Christmas. Carol called the March of the three kings the three kings feature in another piece that uses a Christmas Carol Auto Reno you know risky composed a musical description of three paintings by Italian renaissance artist. Sandro Botticelli one of those paintings is the adoration of the Maj I in addition to the Gye the three kings. The painting shows a huge crowd gathered to admire the baby. Jesus to set the scene recipe gay quotes the old church chant. Benny Benny Emanuel which you know as the Carroll O.. Come oh come Emmanuel The Germans have a Christmas Carol Lullaby in which Mary Sings. Joseph Dearest Joseph Mine asking for help rocking rocking the baby. Jesus to sleep. Yohannes Brahms used a bit of that Carol. To open a song he wrote in honor of another baby the son of his good friend. Joseph or four Yosef in German Yawkey Brahms like the inside joke the to Joseph's and he liked the wonderful tune which he gave to the viola walk Otto Nicolai put the Carol from human known in English as from heaven above to Earth High Com into his Christmas overture and Johann. Sebastian Bach used that Carol in a set of organ variations. There's also a Christmas carol with music by Ahah classical composer. Even though that's not what he originally intended for Felix Mendelssohn wrote a Song Celebrating Yohannes Gutenberg. The man who invented invented the movable type printing press but Mendelssohn didn't like the words to the song which were by somebody else so he told his publisher to find another use for his music music. He thought it might be good for weddings but not for anything. Really religious. After Mendelssohn died someone in England discovered that the music like went perfectly with a poem by Charles Wesley. The brother of John Wesley who founded methodism. Ah

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