California Highway Patrol Becomes 'Maximum Enforcement Period'


The California highway patrol has some important advice for drivers getting ready to hit the road this new year's holiday KCBS is Keith Menconi reports this advice comes as the agency begins the annual maximum enforcement period as the clock ticks down many like to greet the new year with a bang but do make sure to keep the party off the road the CHP will be running what's called a maximum the enforcement period from new year's evening through all of new year's day amber to have all of our available units out in force officer John Franzen with C. H. P. Golden Gate division Pacific we looking for obviously DIY but also all the other moving violations that can lead to a fatal traffic collisions and injury accidents and officer friends and has a request for the new year's party goers plan ahead have a designated driver a place to say or a ride Cher program to use police officials say over the course of last year's new year's festivities in California at least twenty five people were killed and two hundred and seventy were injured in crashes that involved impaired drivers so as with many things new years should be enjoyed responsibly keeping Conine

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