Gone From Home: The Disappearance of Susan Mcfarland

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So huck and and Mary. Elizabeth Smith had three children. There were fifteen thirteen and eleven and then their youngest daughter Susan was born. She was born on New Year's Steve in nineteen fifty eight now because she was born when her mom was forty and a data's forty eight. And there's like eleven years between the third and the fourth worth child. Susan was often tease. She was an accident now. Her response was I was a bonus huck was an FBI agent. And he had received a letter of congratulations for the birth of his daughter. Susan that was signed by the FBI Director J Edgar Hoover as an adult. Susan kept him framed glitter on a wall in her home yes. She grew up in Missouri where her older sister. Anne was responsible for baby sitting her quite a bit but as you got older her and decided it was fun to hang out with her baby sister. She was an easy going child and very affectionate with their family so an sometimes took sue along with her or even under dates. And it wasn't a problem you know at least not for. I don't know maybe the guys didn't like it but her thinking maybe one time time okay. Circumstance are less date well. After an moved away for college she frequently had sue. Come visit her on the weekends. The other students at our school loved sue. She was like everyone's little sister. susie big brother Harley had a daughter named Kristen when Assu was just five years old and when Kristen stayed with her grandparents they paid sued to keep her busy but as they got older the age difference really diminished and soon became good friends with her niece. Kristen Sumit her best friend when she was thirteen years old sandy row. Sandy and sewer inseparable spending spending time hanging out at a local bakery and attending high school classes together. Su worked as a lifeguard at a hotel. Swimming Pool in the Summers and Sandy would sit by the pool with earn play cards when the pool was busy so sue was just an upbeat energetic type of person she was always busy doing something finer bonner. Planning something fun. One thing the girls left to do was to shop. They could shop for hours and not even spend much money they also like go to the movies. Sue Play tennis but Sandy never got good at sport. Even though she tried sue was a really busy kit. She ice skated. She was a hockey cheerleader. And she also served on the student council the PEP club and the French club. She was also a really big reader sometimes sometimes reading one or two novels a week even during the school year but suicide human half draw and certainly far from perfect especially as a teen. She could be rebellious. She sometimes with skipped class or went home for lunch and just didn't bother returning to school after lunch but she got away with a lot. She was talented at making elaborate excuses. That are teachers and parents usually believed so sue and sandy graduated high school together in nineteen eighteen. Seventy seven sue then went to a private girls' college in Fulton Missouri. Sandy stayed in Saint Louis and went to Washington University so they are less. Listen two hours apart. So they're able to visit each other pretty often. Yeah but when sue announce she was majoring in accounting. Her friends were pretty surprised. She seemed to fund fund to be a serious number crunching office person but sue really enjoyed accounting. She was fun and adventurous but she also was very disciplined organized also. She really admired her dad. who had an accounting degree? So after graduating in the top of her class suit took a position with Santa the energy in Amarillo Texas while she was working there she got her. CPA and the next summer. She traveled to Saint Louis to be Sandy's maid definer Sandy's marriage would last only four years but soon would always be there to listen to her and give her advice then ensued took a second job after working for a while with Santa Fe energy. She moved to Midland Texas and had a position with N run run. Yes the notorious company but at the time it was well respected. It was a good company. This is before they had their slippery slide. Yes now after six months of working with Enron. She is transferred to their headquarters in Houston and in Houston. Sue spent a lot of time with her former sister-in-law. Debbie Debbie had had been married and divorced. Sue's older brother Pete. Souza would go to her nephew soccer games and she had shopped the Debbie on the weekends she left to shop for clothing and and she dressed nicely so she set up an exchange with your friends and Murillo so that they ought quadruple their wardrobes by sharing so in nineteen eighty seven. Sue took took a position with southwestern Bell Corporation in Saint Louis her position and the people she worked among their lead her into a more glamorous life if she started attending charity Events Dinner Parties and Gallery openings and she was happy to be back living near her friend Sandy. They began spending more and more time together having lunch taking aerobics classes which was a big thing at the time she was also reunited with her niece Kristin during this time they were only a few years apart and became good friends so they went out on the weekend nights and sue was happy to pay kristen's way because Sumeida good it. Salary and Kristen was still struggling but a suge close to thirty. She began to worry about finding a partner and having a family. She told a French French. She wanted to have kits and she'd like to stay home and raise them while loving husband would work to support them and they live in a nice suburban house and and then she met Rick Mcfarland and he seemed to fit the bill of the Kinda guy she wanted at least to begin with. Yeah so rick was the second son of Dick and and Mona McFarland of Kirkwood Missouri. When he is a young kid the family moved to Saint? Louis he grew up in webster groves with his two brothers. David David and done in high school. He is a big water polo player and he worked on the staff of the school newspaper. He went to southwest South West Missouri State University in Springfield after high school but had difficulty concentrating so while he was here his diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and put on medication. And with the mets he was able to maintain a B average so he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration nation and got a job with stockbrokerage company. Shearson Lehman. I did pretty well. There drove a beamer. Had a carriage Charles lived in an upscale port town right so from just hearing that you'd say Oh this is a pretty great guy. Why would you because he's got a BMW BMW? Well it seems like a good prospect. He's got a job right. He's having heard anything. Says he's a jerk right. That's what I'm saying but you know like everybody else. He did have issues but he was pretty good at hiding them for most people. He did get in trouble one time in college for stealing but the charges were dismissed. One of his former dates said that rick made her very uncomfortable after they had two dates his because she told him she didn't want to see him anymore but he persisted calling her to the point where she was afraid of him and then she caught him hiding in the bushes outside of her house stalking getting her concern. Yes but of course. Sued doesn't know about any of this right and sue and Rick had actually attended the same high school all but they didn't really meet each other until they bumped into each other at a party in Saint Louis. Rick was much quieter than Su so they seemed like kind of unlikely unlikely couple when they began dating but to sue she felt like she hit it off with him again. Not not to demean sue. But we've already talked about how she's hitting thirty and she's thinking like time is running out so maybe she settled for something not quite the top of her list list. Yeah that's what a lot of people close to her. Actually thought bird. No he review would do in a pinch enough. I'd go that far but I guess she didn't seem like she was head over heels like he was you know her prince charming but thought he would do you would do when he seemed like a nice stable guy but he wasn't nearly as clever or witty. Assu you know sue was really fun but you know. Rick seemed like he could be a good match for her. She could be the outgoing one and he could keep her grounded but still sandy and kristen thought that sue probably was settling a bit with Rick just because she wanted to start a family and she was getting being older

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