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People start the new year with a renewed commitment to change or to following a new purpose in life. Today's guest gives us a guidebook to go on that journey. Joanne Fink is an award winning designer an author of books on creativity grief faith and spirituality with more than a million books in print she has created journals that help each reader explore their own path in their own time her latest book. My spiritual journey is a guided added. Journal the ask the hard questions needed to help you. Ground yourself and gratitude find deeper connections and look at what you need to get where you want to be to an welcome to the last episode of the decade of live happy. Now Wow I am. Honored should be the last episode guest online on no pressure descent up all of twenty nineteen in the years that preceded it but you. I wanted to talk to do you for this episode in particular because this is a time of year when everyone's thinking about what they're gonNA do for the New Year what they wanna do differently and better and that is what your journal. My spiritual journey is all about. So can you tell us first of all why you wanted to do this. Journal in particular my spiritual journey is basically a roadmap to helping people discover who they are at their core in an understanding about what they are innately gifted at what they're passionate about held they are. Upbringing has given a unique perspective on life. After record now use our and after they discover does those things it helps them set. It helps them discover their personal purpose at this point in their journey and then said intentions to to fill that purpose and then implement the intentions and a little bit of tracking the impact that you can have in the world. I believe that we are all here for the same basic purpose which is to use irony gifts to make a difference in the world but I we do that are and writing is not the same as how you do that to your broadcasting skills and the other talents that you contribute it'd be and everybody's journeys unique in everybody's purpose is unique. Which is why unfond of the phrase personal purpose roles else like that because when you say purpose it's that is such a huge word that in itself can be intimidating if you you know if you go up to a kid and say what what is your purpose? They're going to just run and say I don't know but you've taken purpose and made it. You broken it down into such a beautiful exercise size of expiration. Can you talk first of all why. It's so important that each of us can find our personal purpose. I think it's important to be able to sign your purpose e because if you don't know what you're here to do then you can't fulfill your purpose and not every purpose purpose is world changing. You know. Someone's purpose might be to be a wonderful parent to beautify. Hi The neighborhood you know. There are lots of different levels of purposes and our purpose changes throughout our lives the purpose that I and and implementing right now which is to help people tap into their own unique abilities ho-nam and use them to make the difference in the world. Making that is my current personal purpose is not the same as my purpose was a decade ago or two decades ago and so so as we grow our purpose can change and one of the things that I like about this road map if you will to implementing your personal purpose. Is that as you go through this journey by the time you're done you're not the same person you were renew began and it's okay to go back and answer the questions again in light of what you have learned about yourself previously and that's interesting because I hadn't thought of it in those terms about you know it's kind of like finishing the ride on the rollercoaster and going. Oh I'M GONNA go run and do that again. But that is a great approach approach to be able to say. Oh I'm going to have different answers and I'm going to be able to approach this differently. You know it's all part of the journey that at each of us goes through and there are stages of journeys that we enjoy more than others but a lot of interest section. I think really help should swift sold growth as you were working on this journal and you were developing these questions and these exercises. How did you go about that? Because what strikes me he is is how well thought out. This is and how it really is like. You're holding our hand the entire time and there's so many things I never would have thought to include. That are so influential. And how did you come up with all of that well. This book took me more than a year or two both right and illustrate and I started by so I have a a spiritual practice that I call morning journal. I wake up every morning and being a person who walks in faith I do some praying and then I read something uplifting or inspiring hiring and then I put pen to paper somedays doodle. Somedays I writer response to whatever I've read had some days. I write down whatever's in my heart of prayer for Shimon. Perhaps and so I started by going through do all of my journals that I kept over the last few years and writing down all the questions that I had asked myself some of which I did not answer but I had a lot of questions in my journals and then as I thought through the process as lifelong long spiritual seeker finding connection is really important to me and thinking through what I needed to do in order to explain that process to other people helped me questions I think I had five hundred questions narrowed it down narrowed it down and early on I e cause heart of what I want to do is encourage people to be happy the optimistic practice positively. I did not take out all of the negative questions. Because it's important to look at those aspects of your life that are not as uplifting and most of those I think are in the perspective chapter but overall the questions are designed to make you thank you about not just to you are but how you want to impact world in other words. What do you want your legacy to be? And then after each of the nine sections there exercises that you can do to help absorb the material so in the perspective active section for example. There's a gratitude tracker and since scientific way we know that it takes twenty one days to make ask a new habit. There's twenty one spaces to write down three things that you grateful for every day and things like that Bat I hope will be held for two people on their

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