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Trade risks easing may mean bluer sky for 2020: Fed officials


And right now the stock market still in rally mode with all major averages at record highs looks like the market building up some more sting now on the news a to fed officials said the economy was like to avoid a severe downturn because of timely intervention by the fed last year the fed has a reasonable chance of achieving a soft landing for the economy this year despite the renewed tensions in the Middle East so says the St Louis fed president James Bullard in a speech should today and we're hearing from some other of fed officials a giving rather rosy outlook right now the Dow Jones industrial average a is moving higher we were up more than two hundred earlier were up those still of two hundred two points here right now twenty eight thousand nine forty seven making a run for a twenty nine thousand nasdaq of sixty five the S. and P. five hundred of a tame the price of oil pulling back in today still hovering around the fifty nine

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