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We have the golden globes recently today we get the critics choice awards tomorrow very early in the morning they will be announcing the academy award nominations so it's the awards season some times we can glean what will probably happen with the Academy Awards by what happens in the golden globes not always sometimes many times it's wall has been monitoring the critics choice awards and I think we should start there to see if maybe the critics choice awards are either going or falling in line with the golden globes or offering a different message if you will as far as what should be honored this year from first look the critics have got a much more on point and then lie with me then the glow okay let's go down some the category Best Actor yes Joaquin Phoenix for joker given that Best Actress Renee Zellweger for Judy yes best supporting actor Brad Pitt for once upon a time in Hollywood surprises there yep best supporting actress Laura Dern for marriage story he didn't see it heard was okay best young actor romaine Griffin Davis for the judge a rabid movie don't know if there are a lot of kids related films on there but Hey sure give it to him best acting ensemble the Irishman art is a good okay good let's look let's let's slow down and talk about that but what I don't know if they're put it this way is far as acting goes I was very underwhelmed by the Irishman I I really think people are more impressed by the names will histories and legacies of the people involved in the movie as opposed to the actual performances most people were saying that they really like the the understated performance of Joe Pesci yeah it was nice he didn't really cost a lot he didn't beat anyone with a baseball bat but as far as an acting performance I don't think was all that special I don't think Robert de Niro's performance as the Irishman was special it wasn't anything that I said wow that was vintage Robert Dinero it wasn't like there was any particular moment or monologue or passage the people will come away and say we're gonna be quoting that for years we can quote the godfather we can quote good fellas in an area casino what have you there wasn't really anything all that special quotable about the Irishman as far as the ensemble cast it was great to have all these big names together yeah but they had big names together in the Expendables did make it a great movie big names who were to gather it almost seemed like he was with one last ride together for these particular group of actors for this particular genre and I had heard all the hype in I'm a guy who loves the godfather yeah I'm a guy who loves casino and Goodfellas varying degrees but I loved the genre as a whole love the sopranos so that's something I I I know this genre I appreciate the genre when I saw the Irishman it was really weird it was weird what they did to Robert De Niro and his allies making them blue or whatever so he looked like the actual person it was not necessary they could have chosen a different actor if you're gonna do all that was extracting I did like the fact that it's so it's a movie based on real people real incidents in history and it almost quite like the have the story line and as real events happened it breaks away in the show you this person was actually killed by a bullet to the head nineteen seventy one or whatever and I'll show you a still frame of the actual crime scene or something like that that's something I enjoy it but as far as the acting performances there were not we talk about Star Wars hi Scott Walker same thing in the sense of there were no wow moments for me there was nothing which said to me is like wow I've never seen that before no they were getting killed by basically getting whacked like okay we seen people get whacked like this before because they've already told all those stories just changing the name to fictional people another movie so what we see the Irishman which is based on true events and everything not special I didn't think the performances were special that's not a number that are best acting ensemble right okay I would rather Avengers with that because as far as I'm concerned the acting by Robert Downey junior in Avengers in game was stellar okay well I mean look got it and maybe that's why Avengers in game got best action movie finally can best visual effects of got best animated feature is difficult yes yeah best costume design yes Ruthie Carter for dolomite is my name give it to him let's stop right there if you haven't seen dolomite is my name please see it isn't available on Netflix I think you will view Eddie Murphy in a whole different light a whole new light any have best comedy yeah I agree Eddie Murphy has not only reinvented himself but in this particular performance he's just an actor he's not telling jokes like a comedian he is embodying Rudy ray Moore someone completely different and it's telling you the story of how Rudy ray Moore had to reinvent himself from musician to stage performer two eight kind of comedian telling almost wraps stories on stage right right if you know the history and this is a quintessential LA movie in the sense of Rudy ray Moore is inextricably linked to the history of arts and entertainment in Los Angeles yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you will recognize the landmarks and everything and that is why eighty Murphy deservedly so also got the lifetime achievement award other film awards go to Quentin Tarantino for once upon a time in Hollywood no surprise a Best Director it was a tie Sam Mendes for nineteen seventeen and bomb June hole for parasite can we just go ahead and assume given Hollywood's reaction and also the foreign correspondents reaction to nineteen seventeen that that's probably going to be best picture Best Actor definitely nominated tomorrow for the Oscar nominations yeah we'll probably will win and I say that for this reason for the foreign correspondents association for the golden globes to give nineteen seventeen best drama award what are the ward was and it had not even been released in theaters yet at that point bright I just said to me that it leaves the Hollywood portion critics correspondence whatever they pretty much made up their mind which says to me Hollywood as far as the voting academy members have pretty much made up their mind and they've probably already decided that this is going to be the movie I've heard nothing but superlatives about it I haven't seen it but I'm just reading the tea leaves it is going to get the nomination but I'm saying if I were to place any money nineteen seventy this Best Picture and Best Director just because of all these other indications I'm getting I agree totally agree best sci-fi or horror which is in an Oscar related category not to to my knowledge but us it's good thank I I I I saw the movie everything was great yeah so I'll be in Emma Jordan Peele fan but I did think the movie is great I do appreciate how he tells very different stories that's the story we haven't seen before I can I can watch it and say like wow that's something different is not the typical horror stories come to typical sci fi story has a little twist at the end is what he usually is going to do now is going to be known for that in the way that M. night Shyamalan is known for that I can appreciate what he does I just didn't think the movie was spectacular yeah but I don't know who would love you to hear it I don't know what was up again so when we come back we'll continue with these critics choice awards and also forecast possibly with coming tomorrow morning with the Oscar nominations this the

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