Chasing Cosby

Dr. Death


It's nineteen ninety one and Bill Cosby is one of the most famous and powerful actors and entertainers in the world in November. He's on Larry. King live show. Promoting a brand new autobiography called Childhood and sharing some of his favourite jokes. The old story was if you took it a little drop. It was on the head of a and put. It doesn't mega and the girl would drink in low American cosby's Ashby's doing this Spanish fly routine for Larry King one which he's performed onstage since the nineteen sixties in. It cosby jokes with audience about slipping an APHRODISIAC FOR DJ. Back into a woman's drink. A drug that renders her helpless. After a couple of SIPS. You know anything about Spanish fly no Dome Ema. While there's this girl crazy Mary it would some in her drink as you go to a party. She five girls standing alone. Spanish fly like that. I didn't know anything about the Spanish fly routine back then and the media didn't pay much attention to it either At this point in his career cosby had written bestselling books about parenthood and made the world laugh with family friendly comedy routines he was a humanitarian and philanthropist who donated millions to charities and colleges alike but it was his portrayal of Dr Cliff huxtable on the Cosby show that earned him the warm and Fuzzy Moniker of America's Dad. You're funny well thank you so you see the do of us. We have something in common cosby's long long seemingly happy marriage to Camille only added luster to a picture perfect image of a devoted husband and father. There was never a hint. Not even a whisper that he wasn't who he seemed to be. But that's banished fire routine. Was there hiding in plain sight all this time cosby talking about slipping drugs into women's strengths. If we'd only known back then it wasn't just a joke

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