The 2020 Corvette - burst 16



Definitely a way to support support your growing corvette habit. You know I feel like You know we're we're nearing the end here. There's there's just there's a lot to talk about with this new corvette a lot of it is is just really kind of gut feeling stuff opinions and you know because right now we haven't really got any kind of concrete V.. Look at or get hands on with right now. We're not one of those Automotive magazines that you know the hand the keys over to and allow them to drive around for a week. It would be great if they did wouldn't it but but we're not those guys yet soil. I been doing this like eleven years right. Yeah another another eleven fifteen more years whatever and maybe it will be one one thing though. I do have to add the rumors about a possible. Hybrid plug in or electric model. Continue to this day and people are getting a little will answer you about it on January eighth so

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