This 8-Year-Old Makes $26M A Year From YouTube - Here's What You Can Learn


Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I've Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about how this eight year year old kid makes twenty six million dollars a year from Youtube at what you can learn from it so neil. Have you heard a story. Do you know who this is. I do Ryan's rolled all right. Yeah His name is Ryan Guan and then yeah rides. World is officially his channel. Do you WanNa tell vote about it. Yes so you know. It's not just a kit. His parents are bawling because the parents are keeping the money. Sucks for Ryan when you get older. Hopefully your parents take care of. You seem like nice pair or you. Listen to mark is good. You learn how to get out out of that. That's right although I think it's good that a kid doesn't get twenty six million and the parents can agree and probably saving yet in doing good things on his behalf. Ford released an article breaking down the top Youtube influencers in how much they're making and Ryan was at the top. It used to be Ryan. You know video video recording youtube videos of him looking at toys now. It's much more than that. But in essence is channel appeals to kids and he makes twenty six million dollars. There's a year so good for you Ryan. Yeah just to give a little more context in terms of what you can learn. I think Going into it to rides world is a channel used to be rides toy review. And I. I was watching some of the videos. And there's like a giant Lightning McQueen bar a ball from disease cars and so basically the idea. The deal was actually conceived from Ryan's mother who came up with the idea after watching videos by another youtuber named Evan Tube. HD He basically reviews products too. But you know she decided to basically put a spin on it so oftentimes. What you think about doing something to do is draw some racial somewhere else and then combined into experience that that you have at it becomes something? That's very novel. The the best part about this is like look anyone can make money. My buddies and I were joking around at least my buddies who have kids and we were joking around like mad. Our children just causes money. It's time to make some money from them now. We're just joking as I mentioned look. Youtube is really powerful. And this just shows you why need to be on it you know. A lot of people are like Oh tech talk snapchat. It's all younger demographics. There's not any money in there. Where Ryan's Ryan's making a ton of money you know going after young kids and people who are a much younger audience than most would ever market too so it just shows that there's potential hamshaw almost all audiences because eventually all these audiences will end up with credit cards? It will end up purchasing an Yoon if they're too young and they don't have credit cards their parents for purchase for them. So don't be afraid to just go out there and go and try to do something even if other people are hating on at telling you it's not possible both telling you there's no money in it. Hey if there's a big market a ton of people the money will eventually fall. I think there's some other lessons from this too because what I what I look at the video so it's not like it's particularly well done. I mean it shirts a good video but it's not great. It's not something that really stands out. So what really sticks out is rides got his own little quirky personality as a kid. I think Gras Corky they also stay very consistent with the publishing schedule to know exactly where you're going to get from from that channel. which is why I mean? Twenty two point nine million subscribers share his. You know that the hurts though what they're doing and they've also you know you can also learn from from rides world is sure it like. Let's say you God bless you if you have a kid. That's helping you do well. But they've learned to also diverse fighter the income that they're getting they look. Look at the Post that I think it was written by not forced maybe it is Forbes but basically they own a couple of properties in this area you know they take care of their parents of the diversified investments. And they'll put all their eggs in one basket. So that's another lesson that you can learn and the other thing I want to call out if I turn back over to deal is if you look at number one. Earner it's Ryan Ryan Kanji and number two is perfect. Now do perfect. is they do their production quality or the bout of work that they have to put it to practice are actually way crazier because they're logic basketball's out of like helicopters or roofs tops. The buildings are really crazy. AIDS ad they earn twenty million bucks in kind of a twenty nineteen and then at third place was actually another child. Who who is only five years old and I believe she's Russian as you're eighteen million dollar

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