2 Vaseline Alternatives to Break Your Toxic Petroleum Jelly Addiction



Have an email I keep. I've I've been listening to your podcasts. For about six months or so I've been meaning to email you. Nearly every night will putting on my bedtime face. I think of something. Kate mentioned a while ago regarding her addiction. To vaseline Vaseline I too was vastly addict since childhood. About two years ago I started replacing quote toxic self-care items with safer sustainable alternatives. And I have two suggestions suggestions for Kate. One wack selene and or to healthy shelley. By third day naturals. Both products are readily available on Amazon. I find them both to be pretty comparable to or even better than Bassolino without the petroleum. Give them a try. My Lips Ne'er shall touch Veselin again and so dory doesn't feel left out. I have a quick story for her and her husband my current partner. I met back in two thousand eleven. Due in part to Matt Myra we we're in a long line at comic con has been that's excuse me. Yes Dory's husband. Check out a recent episode in which we interviewed him. We were in a long line at COMECON to see a live recording meeting of the podcast. That Matt was on at the time I noticed and we ended up sitting together chatting and going out for beers that night after the convention and many long distance conversations. It's my partner ended up moving across the country to be with me and we've been together ever since for eight years in a time when it can be hard to meet people. I am so thankful for communities that come together around a shared love Phantom or in this case podcasts. So sweet such a sweet love story. I told him when I was going through a Notes for this episode. I read this and I called Matt over and I read it to him. Someone touch they found found love at a podcast recording. Yeah they said they had like they've had proposals at live shows Yeah there's a lot of love in the air that's cool. I like take that as for Vassil. Lean yeah as for these facile lean alternatives. Look as mentioned many times on this podcast cast. I'm obsessed with Selene so much so that they heard that and sent me like some handlers which was very nice. Thank you Selene Corporation. I will try these two products out listener. I will buy them try them and will report back. Because I have tried other things. Nothing can come also you know. As did we talk about this with chemists confessions we did and they were like like nbd. Yeah so maybe we don't need to be freaking out about Bass Lean. I don't know I don't have the answers. I don't even try whack. Selene and I will try healthy jelly

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