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Ep: 37: Shark Cosmetics, Betelgeuse, and an Emotional Support Coyote


For mediators World News Headquarters in Montana. This kells weaken review with Ryan Cow Kellyanne. Now here's cal your cat. Maybe be eating sharks and if you happen to wear makeup you may be smear and sharks on your face. which isn't good news for sharks but could be a fun? Fact keep in mind. If you ever get get drug into the Broadway show cats a study released from Stony Brook University and New York views multi plex mini bar code. PCR Protocol to Analyze eighty-seven pet foods in twenty four different types of cosmetics for traces of shirt DNA that highly technical DNA stuff. I just spouted basically says this is a specialized process that allows for tiny bits of beat up. DNA to be extracted from process stuff like eyeliner and pet food. If you're wondering why would pet foods and cosmetics be lumped into the same study. It's not not because feline lovers are make heavy is because shark liver. Oil is a common ingredient in some cosmetics apparently a great moisturizer and and the shark meat not destined for human consumption markets is sold to some pet food manufacturers. The Stony Brook study was aimed at identifying. Exactly what what sharks made it into pet food and face products as seafood. Fraud is something that we have covered on the week in Review Multiple Times. It should be no surprise to you that identifying identifying a piece of fish by its label at the market may not be the most accurate according to doctoral candidate. Shark biologist in the lead researcher Diego. GO-CART NOSSA that is also the case when it comes to pet foods and cosmetics all products tested in the study were not labelled as containing elasmobranchii based ingredients. ELASMOBRANCHII are Cartagena's fishes like sharks rays and skates that have five to seven Gill openings. On each side Carden Llosa feels that consumers should have the choice between pet foods and cosmetics that do or do not contain shark especially threatened or endangered salons for instance. The short and Mako Shark has been make owing its way cat food perhaps not so incidentally the short van Mako also make owed its its way onto the International Union for the conservation of Nature's vulnerable list in two thousand nineteen. And just recently the I you see an updated the short Vinh Vinh Mako status to endangered quick fun. Fact for you the Short Fan. Mako is the world's fastest shark capable of forty two miles per hour. It also has one of the largest his brain to body ratios of all sharks in just so you know. The world record was caught off of California's Huntington Beach. That Shark Wade. One Thousand Three hundred in twenty three pounds and measured twelve point two feet real cool critters. Now if that information makes your brow a bit shiny as you set down the Cat Chow. Now don't reach for the moisturizing foundation just yet. The beauty products tested in this study revealed black tip shark Blue Shark and critically endangered species. The scalloped hammerhead sharks DNA. Quick side note. I assumed shiny skin was a bad thing but when I did a quick look into cosmetics I found that shiny is actually called quote glow. And it's a look or was in two thousand seventeen at least so so if this information is starting to make you glow listen up. One reason shark meat ends up in pet. Food is the demand for shark. Fin As in Shark Fin Sup- the practice of finning which is literally cutting the fins off the shark. That's been caught and tossing the rest of the shark back in the ocean. Where dies has been identified? I had not surprisingly as a major factor in the decimation of what was once the most common hammerhead in the Atlantic Ocean according to the Smithsonian an estimated one hundred million William Sharks are killed every year while the cosmetic and pet food industries are not the primary drivers of the shark fishing industry. It may be best to hold off on anything was shark byproducts until we see these species rebound additionally if you're currently feeding pets or beautifying your body with cosmetics. I'd encourage did you to write in and ask your brand or brand of choice to leave out the shark this week. We've got a hunting tragedy. California salmon emotional support animals animals and so much more. But I I'm GonNa tell you about my week. I went out my steel battery powered chainsaw. One Mr Janas Patel us who had to habit for some specific ice fishing reason and Minnesota. He actually flew with batteries in his carry on and the chainsaw checked baggage. Just thought I'd point out yet another other benefit to having a handy little. No gas leaking electric. Saw for those of you who may at some point think. I'd better fly with chainsaw. As you know this podcast powered by steel power equipment. Why because they're great and speaking of Great Janas Patel US myself and one Mr Stephen even Rinella will once again be traveling?.

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Ep: 37: Shark Cosmetics, Betelgeuse, and an Emotional Support Coyote

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