'Parasite' opens important door for foreign language films with SAG win


Wins for outstanding performance by a cast in emotion. Patriot was the first foreign foreign language film to win. This which is a really big deal and cool. It's really cool. I Love I could even if I never saw the film. If I never knew anything about it I could watch even just on on Mute People's reactions to winning. Yeah it's like it's euphoric. I selling yourself in their shoes to what they must feel when their her name's called especially when you can really really tell that they were not expecting it at all when they're so genuinely shocked I it's probably the most insane feeling I can't even we block out Shaar. I can't even imagine. Is there anything else you want to add before we go to Brad. I hope hope this last thing I want to say I pray to God that Jen Aniston is somebody who presents a word at the Oscars because I cannot handle an award show where she's not there. I don't even want to think about it. Imagine it I've become accustomed to a certain lifestyle and I refuse to give that up. That's what we were saying is that that's why this award award season. Thus far has been so like lit and so- celebrity like a list. Celebrities are the star power in this cycle. Michael of content is so you know reese Jen Laura dern and they're all in like multiple projects. Brad Leo Narrow Yeah Merrill it's like the most amazing squad of celebrities that I I just can't wait for the rest of the season and I hope that they're at all the shows and I love also through the season how they kind of learn like they get back on the horse or you know they start off a little bumpy with the fashion and the red carpet and the the vibe seeing everyone think about it it's like the first part you're seeing everyone for the first time but then as award season goes on you know. She's seen Brad every weekend now for the past month so it's like hey she gets more familiar. A little more comfortable as arose once inside. Best Season is awards season. Ain't that the

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