Tournament upsets working against No. 1 Gonzaga


We were having a spirited debate about gonzaga show where we were talking about this. You know casual basketball fans will say. Hey gonzaga doesn't win it this year. This is the best chance to win it. But i was saying about this about for a long time. I went back to that team. But they have with nigel williams gos- and cement karnowski the amount of masquerading as a man as you always call him. This has been a consistent theme. Do you think this their best chance to win. It's considering we have by double digit seeds moving on the sweet sixteen in relation to the competition. While i think that's the camera talks about the best team. It's got to be this best team in relation to who you're gonna be playing against so when you look at this gonzaga team in relation to the field. It's probably their best chance. Not we'll have another chance knowing mark few they're going gonna continue to get good players but this team is unique. There historically good offensively. They create matchup problems match problems at the point. The size of suggs. Who quite honestly reminds me. Jason kidd matra points of front timmy. With his footwork and his skill level match up at the four spot with casper stretch defense and put it down and mma forces your for to guard on the floor especially in transition joel. Who absolutely only triple double in the history of gonzaga basketball. And we don't even talk about the dude. So yeah i think in relation to the field i think this is gonzaga's best shot. They're so good offense when he gets up every fourteen seconds which is absolutely ridiculous to flow of their offense really puts a lot of pressure on your defense not only to get back but to get set so i would agree. This is their best shot in this moment in time because of the

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