On the Job with Victoria Asikis, Food Lawyer


Victoria. Thank you so much for being here and welcome to the alley on the run. Show awesome alley big you so much for having me. I am so excited to be here. I listened to your guts every morning. So it's such a dream come true for me. Thank you well. I'm excited because who knew your job existed. I didn't so. I have a lot to learn today and i have to laugh when you i mean i had to have you on during this season because when you posted about your work in the alley on their own show facebook group. Everyone flipped out like. Did you feel that reaction post got so many lakes people were like. What is this job. So we've got a lot of questions tasks today awesome. No i totally. And i wasn't expecting although it is actually think repeal early tol there's this pause it kind of look at me like seriously you we'll hear about it. We start every episode with what we call the warm up here on the show. You know it well. Can you please tell everyone listening. Who you are where you live and what this cool job is that you have absolutely so. My name is victoria. See geese. I was warning raised in toronto ontario canada. So many big city girl. Right over here. I always have it in always will be right now. I live in ottawa ontario. Canada are lovely beautiful finalists nation's capital just about two years ago. I moved here. So i've been living here since the spring of two thousand and nineteen non small town but definitely not as huge overbearing as toronto. So i kind of went to paul it a midsize city not too big not too saul. Guess right. I am proud alumnus of university of toronto where i received my honors bachelor of arts degree in english history and filming two thousand eleven and also proud alumnus of the university of windsor in windsor ontario. Where i received my juris doctor law degree out winds rely and i am aware i was called to the ontario bar in two thousand sixteen. And i've been working as a lawyer ever since right now. I am proudly working in the advertising and products regulatory group at dowling wwl g. canada l. key a large multinational law firm. We have offices really all across the world. And i am currently working out of the office here in ottawa ontario canada. I started here almost two years ago with the fabulous team in ottawa My focus is primarily on regulatory compliance for food and beverage products working with really large worldwide food and beverage companies on which. I'm sure we'll absolutely dive into at my work. Also touches on regulatory compliance were a lot of other consumer products that includes cosmetics so like now premium shampoo conditioner Not health products and other general consumer products which to range from textiles clothing costume veterans bang jewelry electronics toys. Meg devices toothbrushes everything. Honestly you name it and it's probably probably regulated and there are probably rules around its marketing and advertising saying and my group where the people that do that kind of stuff and gas there are in fact warriors their lives to doing this myself included. It's so interesting because when you first post it and you said. I'm a food lawyer in my mind. I'm like okay. She goes to court in defense of like broccoli and bucatini goes like defense these foods. I don't know what against but that's the cartoon image. I had in my mind which i realize is not correct. Don't worry you break down a little bit more. I know you just kind of explained top level but give us a scenario of an example of what you're doing who are you defending. Who are your clients. And who are you kind of. I always imagined layers are fighting which i know is all of them. But who are you fighting for. And who are you fighting against louis. So it's actually really interesting. You should say that my job is not a job on. And i actually. I listened to the first on the job series episode. This season. I know you will. You will be talking to somebody. Who i think is really like a trial attorney. Kind of like getting really into the weeds there. We don't go to court. At least we hope never talk award for it Really for us it's side. It's a matter of ensuring regulatory compliance for all of these companies. And they're so. Let me give you an example. A client who is like a big. Let's say like snack. Company will send us a proposed labelled. Let's say it's a label for. They want to release like a brand new chocolate chip cookie on the market. They'll send us a label and they'll say this is our label maka. Let us know what it is that the authority problems with It like what we need to do in order to be playing that sort of thing so essentially the the. What's your walking in the grocery store you pass by a a basic. Is you picked up the box. You look at the label at some point in time in all likelihood somebody whether it's regulatory lawyer or a regulatory compliance works in regulatory compliance has read out late all and either told a food and beverage company that they have to change it or die. There's a certain risk with making a certain statement on a label. Anything and everything that is on that particular food label probably has a roll around it especially here in canada. Things are quite highly regulated. A so firewall wall. Send us a copy of a label. We need to review it for compliance. And i mean we nice. Every single thing about these product labels down to like interest tax table down to be ingredient. This what are the ingredients. Are you allowed to have these ingredients in the product. And if there's a particular ingredient that has that's not allowed to be in a product up to a certain level. Are they excessive this level. Where are they putting their nets. T. statement so those of insect ninety liters or ten grams or one and a half ounce how does it look on the label of the way that it looks on a food. Label has eroded Why where is there. Ingredients statement whereas the nutrition All of these matters. And that is literally what i do. I will get us label for a grand products. And i will have to date and pick it apart and what's hostage is grocery shopping fun for you. Are you like. I'm at work now hilarious. I love loud grocery shopping. I mean i. I could spend hours hours out of Link so an. And i mean like everywhere my my husband and i went to italy. Who read before. I started working at outline so this would have been in two thousand nineteen. He wanted to go to like about that again and he wanted to go to like museums and i just bar square walking around understanding like international food labels like before i started this job like what are what are they intricacies of these food labels and how big difference when i started especially when i started working on my husband we hated rivers resolving with because i would i would just spend hours in the grocery store just like labels and looking at new products and it's interesting though because it kind of ends up being pretty good opportunity to kind of understand where different companies are going in terms of food so you know what are the new and emerging products. That are coming out dr getting a lot of traction on and we talked to a lot of guests on i think. Is it star. Starlight us tonight issue now. She's amazing. I love all representatives and that a lot of people ask questions on about like. Oh what does it mean what is cheeto mean or what is like up spam based food or you know what is all of this stuff about like oatmeal oatmeal mill. What almond milk and all this other kind of milk all that stuff. I like to kind of keep my eye on those kinds of products because the claims that they're making for products like by In canada especially are are all regulated. And we have to make sure that that these that were kind of in tune to these new emerging product so that we can sort of adviser daily in is.

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