A highlight from New Mix: Kishi Bashi, Toumani Diabat, Madi Diaz, More


The of pony speak. It reminds me of those sounds feature years ago on the show from tron. Ix if anybody remembers that the sort of handmade instruments mixed with electronic music the video for this month peronist music is quite fun also that in all information about videos artists on the show can be found at the all songs considered website now to an african music legend and the sounds of core player to money debate day. He's teamed up with of all things the london symphony orchestra. So you have this core. This beautiful harp like instrument and the symphony the new recording features a song. I heard on the remarkable collaboration. Done with fucker tour back in two thousand five That was on an album called in the heart of the moon. This new album from toumani deep Is called coralline and to money. D- party will tell us more about the origins of this song. It's called madhu conduct cater. Hello hey buddy buddy. I'm dr too many. Djibouti muster up players from molly. The sun call madhu conduct keta as older generally mamadou particularly. That's the only traditional sung from molly for many many many many years ago multiple tiki was a businessman. He has a shop he helped. Everyone's give foods to everyone. He was real peaceful men and did a lot of great things. But catcher molly and still doing that. I'm a grill. And you know degree of people in west africa give the example the good example for the good people who do the great job and to give courage to the others. That's the reason. I make this a special dedicated to momodou conduct. Cater for the whole thing's is doing. The whole great job is doing for the culture. Because molly is one of the country economically in the world but my country is one of the first country in the world on the culture way

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