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I'm Debbie rests with the BBC News, the U. N refugee agency says at least 15 people are dead and 400 unaccounted for after a fire and gulf parts of a vast ro hinge a refugee settlement in Bangladesh. Embarrass sanity, Rajan reports. The scale of the disaster became clear as the emergency workers sifted through the wreckage in the vast bottle Colleague, refugee camp in southeastern Bangladesh. Hundreds of bamboo shelters have been turned into ashes. Making thousands homeless. A spokesman for the International Organization for Migration said the fire had caused catastrophic damage on the health clinic run by the agency have been completely destroyed. Relatives of those missing or desperately waiting for news of their loved ones. Nearly a million looking German slims live in cramped conditions in the camps in Cox's Bazar. The vast majority fled Myanmar in 2017 from a military led crackdown in which many homes and villages were torched. United Nations human rights chief Michelle but to let has been authorized to collect and preserve evidence on suspected war crimes during Sri Lankans. Decades long civil war. Tens of thousands of people died during the government's conflict with Tamil Tiger rebels which ended 12 years ago. The U. N Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution that accuses the government in Colombo of obstructing accountability for past crimes. Well, I could describe the resolution as unhelpful and divisive. U S Secretary of State, Antony Blinken has marked out a different approach to NATO. In his first meeting in Brussels with Washington's military allies, he abandoned the often hectoring tone of the Trump administration. Instead, Mr Blinken said he'd worked with NATO allies, including on the possible withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. I'm here to listen and consult because that is what allies do. We heard this the other week at the NATO defense Ministerial, but it's just it's true. Today. We went in together, we have adjusted together and when the time is right, we'll leave together. President Biden has said that a May deadline set by his predecessor may be hard to meet. Israelis are casting their ballots in the country's fourth general election in two years. They're deciding whether the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, should remain in power, Tom Bateman reports. A quarter of the Israeli electorate has so far turned out to vote. It's become a feature of these try again. Elections voters are weary of the political dysfunction, but they've shown up in big numbers each polling day. This time drive through voting booths have been set up for people with coronavirus, while ballot boxes being wheeled from bed to bed in hospital covert wards, The country is deeply split over Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership. His campaign slogan back to life centers on his role in Israel. Speedy vaccine rollout. While opposition leader Yella Pete is warning of a dark, dangerous racist and homophobia government If the

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