Canadas vaccine rollout is slow, and very confusing. Here are some answers.

The Big Story


Jordan heath rawlings. This is the big story. Sabina version miller is a clinical pharmacologist. She spends a lot of time bunking vaccine misinformation and she is the co founder of the forum miller foundation. Hello sabina also having me here again. Of course i think We're at the point where we probably need regular vaccine updates just to clear up the confusion that i Really quickly listed off in the intro. And maybe if i had to ask you Somebody who spends a ton of time talking to regular canadians. How this vaccine rollout is being perceived on the ground. What would you say. I think most people are extremely frustrated. The rollout has been abysmal so far in ontario at least i think that even across the other provinces accurate. I've heard similar concerns similar your frustrations from people from canadians all over canada. So i don't think it's going very well here. What are the biggest complaints that you hear. Maybe aside because we're gonna get into the amount of time it's taking and that kind of stuff aside from the actual length of time. What are the complaints that you hear. Yeah so i think first of all it's been You know with respect to the online or delivering. -tario was supposed to have have set up a long time ago. I mean keep in mind that we should have been up our vaccines in january which means that our online orville should have been actually ready to go in january And the in you know here we are when we opened it up to eighty nine terrier only or and every you know public health unit had to scramble to set their own hotel up on hospitals. We're taking the charge setting their own online systems in place as well whereas really we should have been ready to go in january when we were initially expecting our accents to ran up even such as you know right now is basically interior two parallel extremes. On how you can get jackson nation. Either its pharmacy with specific vaccine or through the provincial rollout and it's very confusing because our different criteria for each And on top of that you know. I can go. Vaccine sites that are being picked by. The interior of government have been inaccessible yet. His lack of parking for a lot of different sites. I'm getting a lot of things from elderly citizens who are talking about how these sites are not accessible and on top of that. We're asking the standout in the line in the bitter cold And these are Keep in mind. Frail elderly canadians who are obviously mobility challenged or quite a few of them as well in your accident. Wait in life or for several hours to get their vaccine on top of that. It seems like You know we're we're sort of cats playing the cats game. I mean this past weekend. For instance are back to nation members. Were abysmal it. Meanwhile we have over two hundred and fifty thousand vaccine doses sitting in freezers. And we know we're only going to be getting more and more this week. So what exactly are waiting for it. It's it's really has been very confusing People are frustrated. They don't know where to go when they're just waiting to get more clarity. What about in terms of the big picture you know you described ontario there which is For sure the province that has had the most challenges of as far but in terms of like overall supply percentage of all canadians getting vaccinated. It's ramping up on a national scale you know. Do we get too tied down to the daily numbers like we did. Fifty eight thousand ontario yesterday and today we only did thirty Are we roughly on track or are we falling behind as a country. So i mean. I think i would let the data on the numbers speak for themselves here but candidate tracks ninety in the world on vaccinations. So we're really far behind And if you look at our canadian overall numbers only six percent had received one does and you know. I think it was one point five percent that had received both those just fire you know and so i think in terms of the numbers that were supposed to be forget Numbers for just looking at the percentages of canadians that should be vaccinated by q. One we we have far behind what we had originated a hope to develop sonate and i think that you know we obviously had challenges with respect to have axiom supply But at the same time we have been getting more vaccines the last few weeks. Iran has not notched are dosages data. That we have right now.

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