Lawsuit calls Deshaun Watson a 'serial predator' with 16 lawsuits against him now alleging sexual assault


Another day. More allegations, lawsuits and things being said involving Houston Texans quarterback to Shawn Watson. We're up to 16 lawsuits. Now. One of those lawsuits called the Shawn Watson, a serial predator. His lawyer, Rusty Hard, said in the statement that his law firm has strong evidence showing that one of the lawsuits alleging sexual assault against his client is false and that it calls into question the legitimacy of the other cases as well. NBC Houston sports reporter Vanessa Bridges and put on Twitter at Sports Vanessa. She reported details under Sean watching allegations and that multiple sources close to the situation told her the shot watching did have sexual counters with some of the accusers. But those sources insist those encounters were completely consensual. Ryan Smith, ESPN legal analysts in Angola Junior What is the timeline for when this becomes a legal process involving the Shawn Watson? All civil right now? For civil cases, it can take months or longer. We're talking about first, their service of process which I assume and some of these cases might have already happened. We don't know for sure, then typically to sort of watch inside will answer these claims. Then you go to the point where Norman. In many cases, you might see this. In this case, Shawn Watson's lawyers will ask to have the case dismissed. We'll see how judges view that then you go in the process of different like discovery. Proceed to trying to establish the jury or or otherwise. So these things take a long time. And typically, what you might say is well, maybe it settles. Maybe it goes away pretty quickly. It was pretty clear that John Watson said he wasn't Least initially was not interested in settling this. And now that you have such a large volume, it does seem like settlement is much more unlikely than it was in the beginning of this process. So this is the kind of thing that can take a very long time, months, if not longer. And now the NFL's also doing their own investigation here, Freddie I mean 16 civil suits now filed against the Shawn Watson from different 16 different miss uses. I reserve judgment until everything you know until everything it plays out. I guess that's the one the most responsible thing to do. Now, in the court of public opinion, that never happens. I mean to Shawn Watson is already you know it is brand. His name has been Just absolute tarnished by by most people across this country and in college, folk, college and pro football fans. Personally, I reserve judgment until I judgment has been rendered. One way or another. But pretty not talked about this briefly last night. Something just doesn't smell right. Don't know. I don't know what it is said that when they heard it, 12 and a very rapid escalation to 16, and no criminal charges have been brought against the Shawn Watson yet, right? Something isn't passing the smell test, but we'll figure out what that is. Why, Once a judgment in order 16 judgements have been rendered one way or

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