Don't know, I've this year was smacked up in the middle, right? Or even earlier than that, So maybe they started the weekend prior was probably let me just take up the whole week off. I mean, in a normal non pandemic situation. Because ST Patrick's Day is on a Wednesday it would be probably weeklong because if it's on a Monday, you're going to do all your bar specials are gonna be the weekend before to be ST Patrick's Day weekend. Same batteries that your favorite holiday ceiling probably. Yeah. He was so bummed that we didn't get to do a live event this year. I was bummed, Uh, Previous years. When we didn't do it before I was like, Why are we in studio on ST Patrick's Day? This stupid before we get into this historian, start things off on a course to get to your dispatches from the news junkie app. You can join us on the show through that you search for the news junkie in the APP store. Now just know there's Sea Lane usually shows up here at the home studio or have been for about a year. He's about 30 minutes early each day, which is faster than he would arrive when we used to go toe I heart radio HQ. We've switched. I usually get here with two more minutes left until we actually get on the air. Well, we all know what we have to do. We know how much time it takes. And you just like, you know you're you plug it in you go. All right. Good to go. There's so much I need to get all set up. You know what was a year ago today? What are far first broadcast our first test. Oh, really wanted to show everybody we could do it. Yeah, that's his seemed

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