A Chat with the CEO about the CRA's role in the COVID-19 response


Ahmad. Welcome to around the room. Thank you thank you for having me. So ahmad within about two weeks of the sierra annual meeting the world essentially shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak at the beginning of the pandemic what were the initial challenges facing the sierra. A great question because we've been been monitoring the situation right before they osama and trying to communicate with the members in advance just to make sure that would ready for whatever might hit us and we were so lucky that it just missed us. Few days i would say But the main challenges were surrounding the attention span and the changing needs of our members they were instantly from the traditional optimal care practice management to a different level of practice management. Tyrod virtual care. I do. I do advocate for you. Know billing and there's there's all sort of new problems that of surfaced. We've kind of had those problems before. But they were very minor on the scale and suddenly they were the top three parties. Now that we have to deal with so there was a bit of a that kind of moment where you have to think about. What do we do. Who do we tap into. Because there aren't many experts in that field absolutely and and i'm curious to get even deeper into that. How did you actually pivot the organization from whatever your annual plan was to suddenly all resources and all hands on deck had to be working on the covid aspects of rheumatology in canada. How did you actually functional is that we're so lucky to have such an engaged membership about a third of our members are involved somehow with the sierra More than just attending a conference. I would say and that kind of gives us sort of a concert finger on the pulse in terms of what we can't what we should do and Sort of leadership one on one in crisis. What leaders to do is communicate. Communicate communicate so what we started with is first right off. The bat is started with communication and open up those channels of communication so we created the president's update the weekly update and that seemed to have been more very well received and we started creating opportunities for dialogue. We when we kind of needs assessment. And i'm surprised. How while responded to those needs assessments. Were but that was the basis basically of all our action is is listen communicate. Listen and respond as quickly as possible so so those were kind of the the issues that you're facing as a leader of the sierra and wondering personally what were some of the biggest challenges you you personally faced adjusting the reality that the kids are going to be at home all day long. I mean we're virtual organization and we did not really have a lot of business. Continuity issues like mini associations had to struggle. We don't have a bricks and mortar. We don't have an office. Mike commute consists of walking. Down from my. You know bedroom to the basement. So that wasn't an issue per se that having to go to office for gold going to office but the the idea that you know the kids are home all day long. you know. It's me and my spouse both was had to deal with that situation and you know it's also making me. My kids are young. They had to understand that when daddy's in the room and rooms closed and you could hear some sort of a conversation going on you just don't barge in. That was at the beginning though after a while. I think people are now sort of immune to these things. We've seen people on cnn where people are just walking in the back and actually this is some of the positive side you know side effects of the pandemic that these conversations and at least the video chat become a bit more human mean. You don't have to be polished so yeah. I think those are

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