How to market yourself in a changed digital world with Valentina Borbone


Welcome to another episode of the elevate. Podcast we delve into some of the most interesting minds in business in real estate for the very best tips and strategies implemented. Elevate your business. I'm samantha mclean editor of late agent and host today show long before any consumer picks up the find the actively researching online shortlisting the right person for the job. My guest on. Today's show is an expert at making sure that agents do make the shortlist valentin -able by an easy digital marketing educator and c. e. o. of the bantu group she's also an advisor to the international social media association. And would be familiar to many of you as a coach at digital live. So valentine welcome to the show alarm thank you. I'm delighted to be here. Finally as we were just talking a minute ago it was about a year and a half that you were speaking at Twenty which got cancelled because of the pandemic so. I'm super excited to have you join today. And i'm hoping that this episode might be a bit of a masterclass in social media. Because that's exactly what you do and it's such a hot topic right now. yeah well. It's definitely bain evolving and. I don't think anyone has been left unscathed in the last couple of months after what happened. We faithful and aluminium. So i'm really looking forward to maybe reigniting some of the things that i have talked about in the past and we'll take giving people some new tapes that they might be able to employ. They haven't thought of now. But i'm so happy that we got some of Prop twenty out there. The law greats fake is knows a lot of preparation that went into one event. Like that until only really get victoria in adelaide done before everyone else unfortunately got canned. I'm it was a real shame. And i hope everyone has actually digested some of that content in its digital form. Go out online. Yeah absolutely and i think a lot of paper would actually naive from that as well because in our area i did put all the sessions up online and before we get into today just in case. People aren't familiar with you in the work that you deal. They have been under a rock and haven't been digital live or any of those things. Can you just start a little bit with who you work with the help and how you help them. I have eighty marketing. Mind tie career and that's agency side marketing. And i was very fortunate that i was one of the digital leads for admiral. Which is our advertising citation. So the last ten years. I write they three months. The ticket greg polls and toll shit by evening classes. Dye cloth changed by the time. I'd written the content and ice to take about a thousand people a year including in-house training. And what that led me to his teaching for. Rei teaching lots of different real estate groups. And that will take me anywhere from stabia ray. Len lice stockland mirvac three to all of our residential and commercial real estate agencies. Mcgraw ri- watt bill property And everyone in between non-organic rattled them off. But i started to work in real estate miceli because i was educating siles paypal in how to sell digital solutions and that tending to let's take the agents halliday's digital solutions works that they can understand what some of the best opportunities Still run training programs in house with someone like lane. Lice of the becca covered the face to face national ride. Shy got cancelled. Tweet is in studio with a program. That's now launched. Globally means that people are still investing in their ongoing training and learning. And what we need to remember. Is it changes really quickly and without notice. And if the media bargaining card didn't heartfully get everyone on the same page with that in the last couple of weeks. Last month than i will learn after that i know right. So let's talk about that for a moment because we were banned in amongst a whole lot of other people in real estate i mean even the portals couldn't escape so real estate dot com the you demand dot com that a you for us. Facebook was down the list of our traffic sources but it did upset me that people couldn't share their good news or malate when someone gets a new job or when someone gets an award they couldn't share any that they couldn't share their properties on social media which was a bit of a big deal. So what was your experience when facebook banned the news basically because you would have had a lot of clients who were affected ideas and there's a few things that come with that firstly it was indiscriminate. It wasn't just use science. We all saw that the hillsides whether the government related or not. They absolutely went down but a mustard factory was taken down. One of construction clients was taken down. It's a win. A rhyme or reason to who was peaked on an really came down to that was a bit of a powerplay. Dying on zuckerberg wanted us. I really you wanna play. This guy will guess what bengals the button you don. Hey let's play the right game. Sorry it did come down to. What was the definition of media within facebook and also what category some people had picked their business stink to bay under

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