The Rock Doc Who Prescribed 1.4 Million Pain Pills

The Experiment


Once. You found the right doctor and of told him or her about your pain. Don't be afraid to take what they give you over. Twenty years ago pharmaceutical companies began to market the use of a magical pill. Often it will be an opioid medication. These drugs which repeat our best strongest pain. Medications should be used much more than they are for. Patients in pain opioids would be a new kind of painkiller to treat not just acute pain. After event like surgery but also paying that was more mundane like chronic back pain. That patients would complain about for years but which doctors didn't have a clear cure for some patients may be afraid of taking opioids because the perceived as too strong or addictive that is far from actual fact pharmaceutical companies marketed. These drugs aggressively to doctors. They don't wear out. They go on working. They do not have serious. Medical side effects at the there wasn't a lot of limits. On pharmaceutical company is being able to tell doctors that oga. Hassan is a staff writer at the atlantic whose been covering the opioid epidemic for the last seven years. So doctors were kind of like a lot of them unfortunately went with it and now we see the result the result is that more than four hundred and fifty thousand people are dead from overdose in the last twenty years. And what part of the crisis were you most focused on so ridden a million stories about this but one thing that i was really curious about is how you actually went. From having opioids being a thing that existed to having opio being a thing that existed in people's medicine cabinets.

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