A highlight from Ep. 289: How Makeup Can Be Therapeutic with Euphoria Makeup Artist Doniella Davy

Fat Mascara


Everyone. listen i. Cream is so tough to recommend and for a long time now. I haven't recommended one to sat mascara listeners. Because you all have a different issue. Somebody has. Another person has dark eyes circles. They want to fix somebody else has puffiness until now. I haven't found an eye cream that can address. All of that clarence new. Total i lift is the solution. It's ninety four percent natural origin ingredients. It uses a blend of organic harm ghana extract and cassie flower wax. And what that's going to do is give you an almost immediate smoothing kind of lifting effects to within sixty seconds. Your whole i area looks brighter. But like just sort of like smoothed out and like a nice blur like you. Just put a filter over your eyes. And then i'll have you keep using it because you'll get more of the benefits over time again. It's called clarence total.

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